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The SAGE Quantitative Research Kit

The SAGE Quantitative Research Kit

First Edition
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2 512 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From survey research to multilevel modeling, the books provide clear, concise and digestible explanations of the key theories, methods and techniques relevant to quantitative research today. Curated and written by leading academics in the field, they offer practical, hands-on guidance on how to conduct your research project and make the most out of your findings, in turn giving you the confidence needed to succeed.
Malcolm Williams, Richard D. Wiggins & the late W.Paul Vogt
Beginning Quantitative Research
Julie Scott-Jones & John Goldring
Exploratory & Descriptive Statistics
John MacInnes
Statistical Inference & Probability
Jan Eichhorn
Survey Research & Sampling
Tarani Chandola & Cara Booker
Archival & Secondary Data
Barak Ariel, Matthew Bland & Alex Sutherland
Experimental Designs
Peter Martin
Linear Regression: An Introduction to Statistical Models
Peter Martin
Regression Models for Categorical & Count Data
Betsy McCoach & Dakota Cintron
Introduction to Modern Modelling Methods
Matthew McBee
Statistical Approaches to Causal Analysis
Brian Castellani & Rajeev Rajarem
Big Data Mining & Complexity

Malcolm Williams

Malcolm Williams is Professor and Codirector of the Cardiff Q-Step Centre for Quantitative Methods pedagogy. Until July 2014, he was the Director of the School of Social Sciences, at Cardiff, and prior to this Professor of Social Research Methodology at Plymouth University. He is the author/editor of nine books and over a hundred articles/chapters. His primary research interest has been around methodological and philosophical issues in social research, particularly objectivity, probability, causality, and representation. His most recent book Key Concepts in the Philosophy of Social Research was published by SAGE in 2017. His past empirical... More About Author

Richard D. Wiggins

Richard D. Wiggins is an Emeritus Professor in the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, which is part of the newly formed UCL Social Research Institute. He joined the Institute of Education, University of London as Chair of Quantitative Social Science in 2007 and Head of the Department Quantitative Social Science. From 2011 until 2013 he was Director of Methodology in the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, thereafter returning to his work as a researcher, doctoral supervisor and teacher. Prior to joining the Institute he ran a successful Master’s programme in Social Research Methods and Statistics at City University, London. His early career... More About Author

D. Betsy McCoach

D. Betsy McCoach, Ph.D., is professor of Research Methods, Measurement, and Evaluation in the Educational Psychology department at the University of Connecticut, where she teaches graduate courses in Structural Equation Modeling, Multilevel Modeling, Advances in Latent Variable Modeling, and Instrument Design. Dr. McCoach has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and books, including Instrument Design in the Affective Domain and Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data. In 2011, Dr. McCoach founded the Modern Modeling Methods conference. Dr. McCoach is co-Principal Investigator for the National Center for... More About Author