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The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination

The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination

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July 2010 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination provides comprehensive coverage on the state of research, critical analysis and promising avenues for further study on prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. Each chapter presents in-depth reviews of specific topics, describing the current state of knowledge and identifying the most productive new directions for future research.

Representing both traditional and emerging perspectives, this multi-disiplinary and truly international volume will serve as a seminal resource for students and scholars.

The Handbook is divided into six main sections.

Part 1: Overview of the Topics examines different conceptual perspectives, historical trends and methods in the study of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination.

Part 2: Basic Processes reviews the Development Process, Neutral Process, Cognitive Process, Affective Process and Individual Differences.

Part 3: Causes of Prejudice and Stereotyping considers individual, social and cultural processes that perpetuate prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination.

Part 4: Expression of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination describes the dynamics of the expression of prejudice and stereotyping.

Part 5: Social Impact of Prejudice, Sterotyping and Discrimination considers the consequences of each.

Part 6: Combating Bias explores the ways of reducing bias.

This volume will be an excellent reference resource for advanced students, graduate students and professionals who have a wish or need to learn about the areas of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination.

John F Dovidio et al
Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination
Theoretical and Empirical Overview

John Duckitt
Historical Overview
Joshua Correll et al
Measuring Prejudice, Stereotypes and Discrimination
Susanne Quadflieg, Malia F Mason and C Neil Macrae
Social Cognitive Neural Processes
Mark Schaller, Lucian Gideon Conway III and K Michelle Peavy
Evolutionary Processes
Melanie Killen, Cameron B Richardson and Megan Clark Kelly
Developmental Perspectives
Susan T Fiske and Ann Marie Russell
Cognitive Processes
Eliot R Smith and Diane M Mackie
Affective Processes
Vincent Y Yzerbyt
Motivational Processes
Leanne S Son Hing and Mark P Zanna
Individual Differences
Dominic Abrams and Michael Hogg
Social Identity and Self-Categorization
Jacques-Philippe Leyens and Stéphanie Demoulin
Ethnocentrism and Group Realities
Amanda B Diekman, Alice H Eagly and Amanda M Johnston
Social Structure
Victoria M Esses, Lynne M Jackson and Caroline Bennett-AbuAyyash
Intergroup Competition
Diana C Mutz and Seth K Goldman
Mass Media
Gregory R Maio et al
Attitudes and Intergroup Relations
Jennifer A Richeson and J Nicole Shelton
Intergroup Dyadic Interactions
Rafaela M Dancygier and Donald P Green
Hate Crime
John F Dovidio, Samuel L Gaertner and Kerry Kawakami
Peter Glick and Laurie A Rudman
Michelle R Hebl, Charlie L Law and Eden King
Ulrich Wagner, Oliver Christ and Wilhelm Heitmeyer
Anti-Immigration Bias
Diane M Quinn, Rachel W Kallen and Steven J Spencer
Stereotype Threat
Jennifer Crocker and Julie A Garcia
Internalized Devaluation and Situational Threat
Brenda Major and Sarah S M Townsend
Coping with Bias
P J Henry
Institutional Bias
Alexis N Smith, Arthur P Brief and Adrienne Collela
Bias in Organizations
Kristina R Schmukler et al
Public Policy
Louis A Penner et al
Health and Health-Care Disparities
Margo J Monteith, Steven A Arthur and Sara McQueary Flynn
Self-Regulation and Bias
Richard J Crisp
Prejudice and Perceiving Multiple Identities
Samuel L Gaertner, John F Dovidio and Melissa A Houlette
Social Categorization
Nicole Tausch and Miles Hewstone
Intergroup Contact
Naomi Ellemers and Colette van Laar
Individual Mobility
Stephen C Wright
Collective Action and Social Change
Thomas F Pettigrew
Looking to the Future

This is an incredibly useful reference text. It provides a comprehensive range of theories and factors that contribute to a broader understanding of the role power plays in stereotyping. Several authors pose questions to support students to evaluate additional factors to improve understanding of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination.

Ms Lorraine Anne Loveland-Armour
Department of Education, Newman University
November 4, 2016

The text is not suitable for the level of teaching or subject. The focus of the course is more on the sociological aspects of discrimination rather than the positivist/psychological approach adopted in the text albeit a good resource.

Mrs laurie anne campbell
Caledonian Business School, Glasgow Caledonian University
June 7, 2016

The issue of racism and discrimination and in particular the overview of new insights the studies in this book generate are a welcome supplement to the current state of research.

Mr Noel Clycq
Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies, University of Antwerp
May 6, 2015

An excellent text for supporting undergraduate students in any Social Science or Education Field. The text provides an interesting overview of research in the area of prejudice and discrimination and offers some useful and interesting directions for students to consider.

Dr Marguerita Magennis
Department of Early Years and Psychology, Portobello Institute
April 28, 2015

Useful book to support any undergraduates completing challenging inequalities or similar topic.

Dr Marguerita Magennis
Department of Early Years and Psychology, Portobello Institute
April 16, 2016

Provides a thorough coverage of this ever important topic. Covers most of the relevant aspects of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination with sufficient depth.

Mr Peter Karlsson
Sch of Health & Social Sciences - HOS, Halmstad University
December 11, 2014

Excellent to discuss themes of marginalization and health inequalities which are the core of the community health course.

Dr Ali Ghaddar
Biomedical Sciences, Lebanese International University
November 3, 2014

An exciting find: an essential text for all childhood studies students. Comprehensive coverage of various issues related to prejudice and discrimination. Theoretical text which will be best accessed by level 6 and post-graduate learners. Great resource from which to prepare lecture material from.

Mrs Paula Hamilton
School of Education & Community, Glyndwr University
June 13, 2013

An interesting multidisciplinary coverage of the topic. Has some useful chapters

Dr Mike Homfray
Faculty of Health, Edge Hill University
May 15, 2013

This book is useful supplement to my students in the Gender and Human Rights course. It is helpful in understanding some important sociological aspects of discrimination and stereotyping.

Dr Ekaterina Yahyaoui
Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland, Galway
May 14, 2013

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Chapter 1

John F. Dovidio

Miles Hewstone

Peter Glick

Victoria M. Esses

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