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The SAGE Handbook of Marketing Theory

The SAGE Handbook of Marketing Theory

First Edition
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Marketing Strategy & Theory

December 2009 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This exciting new Handbook brings together the latest in debates concerning the development of marketing theory, featuring original contributions from a selection of leading international authors. The collection aims to give greater conceptual cohesion to the field, by drawing together the many disparate perspectives and presenting them in one volume. The contributors are all leading international scholars, chosen to represent the intellectual diversity within marketing theory.

The Handbook is divided into six Parts:
Part I: The Historical Development of Marketing Theory
Part II: The Philosophical Underpinnings of Theory
Part III: Major Theoretical Debates
Part IV: The Impact of Theory on Representations of the Consumer
Part V: The Impact of Theory on Representations of the Marketing Organization
Part VI: Contemporary Issues in Marketing Theory

Pauline Maclaran et al
Eric H Shaw, D G Brian Jones and Paula A McClean
The Early Schools of Marketing Thought
D G Brian Jones, Eric H Shaw and Paula A McClean
The Modern Schools of Marketing Thought
Harold Kassarjian and Ronald C Goodstein
The Emergence of Consumer Research
David W Stewart
The Evolution of Market Research
Chris Hackley
Theorizing Advertising
Managerial, Scientific and Cultural Approaches

Shelby D Hunt and Jared M Hansen
The Philosophical Foundations of Marketing Research
For Scientific Realism and Truth

A Fuat Firat and Mark Tadajewski
Critical Marketing
Marketing in Critical Condition

Kristian Mo[um]ller, Jacqueline Pels and Michael Saren
The Marketing Theory or Theories into Marketing
Plurality of Research Traditions and Paradigms

John O'Shaughnessy
Debates Concerning the Scientific Method
Social Science Theory and the Philosophy of Science

Luis Araujo and Hans Kjellberg
Shaping Exchanges, Performing Markets
The Study of Marketing Practices

Stephen L Vargo and Robert F Lusch
A Service-Dominant Logic for Marketing
Robin Wensley
Market Ideology, Globalization and Neoliberalism
Richard P Bagozzi
The Evolution of Marketing Thought
From Economic to Social Exchange and Beyond

Stephen Brown
Metaphorical Myopia: Some Thoughts on Analogical Thinking
Russell W Belk
Representing Global Consumers: Desire, Possession, and Identity
Gordon R Foxall
Consumer Behavior Analysis
Richard P Bagozzi
Consumer Agency and Action
Pauline Maclaran, Margaret Hogg and Alan Bradshaw
Cultural Influences on Representations of the Consumer in Marketing Theory
Lars-Erik Gadde and Håkan Håkansson
Interaction in Networks
Roderick J Brodie, Vicki Little and Richard W Brookes
A Configuration Perspective of the Marketing Organization
Jonathan Knowles and Tim Ambler
Orientation and Marketing Metrics
Christian Gro[um]nroos
Relationship Marketing as Promise Management
Roger A Layton
Marketing Systems, Macromarketing and the Quality of Life
Elizabeth C Hirschman
The Role of Marketing in Ancient and Contemporary Cultural Evolution
Gad Saad
The Darwinian Underpinnings of Consumption
Bernard Cova and Daniele Dalli
The Linking Value in Experiential Marketing
Acknowledging the Role of Working Consumers

Nikhilesh Dholakia, Detlev Zwick and Janice Denegri-Knott
Technology, Consumers and Marketing Theory

"The collection of original articles found in this volume on marketing theory is the most important compilation since Cox and Alderson’s seminal Theory in Marketing was published in 1950. As was the case then, the editors of this Handbook have again solicited original contributions from many of the leading marketing academicians of the period. If you have been looking for just one book that explores all aspects of both the current state and likely future development of marketing theory, look no longer. This is that publication."

Stanley J. Shapiro
Simon Fraser University

"This panoramic and provocative account of explanation and understanding in marketing will engage the academic audience without discouraging managerial readers. The authors balance inquiry into historical precedent and contemporary context to very practical effect. This volume is long overdue, and should help guide our enterprise well into the future."

John F. Sherry Jr., Raymond W., & Kenneth G. Herrick
University of Notre Dame

"The SAGE Handbook of Marketing Theory confronts the ideological underpinnings of contemporary marketing. Marketing thought should not only be about serving the managerial interests of corporations through technocratic teaching and research based upon Western notions of the “consumer”. Marketing theory can take many forms and, as discussed in several good historical chapters, is very much a product of time and place. With contributions from top-shelf marketing scholars from around the world, this book promises to be a seminal addition to the literature."

Terrence H. Witkowski
California State University, Long Beach

"It is now well recognized that the field of marketing lags behind in comprehensive theory development. This Handbook satisfies the many calls within the marketing academy for a greater emphasis on marketing theory that is bold and imaginative. By bringing together in one volume key debates and perspectives on the development of marketing theory, it provides an essential resource for scholars in our field."

Alladi Venkatesh
University of California, Irvine

first class - in a league of its own

Professor Daniel Valentine
Department Business Studies, Regent's University
April 15, 2015

Additional reading material for students

Dr Joseph Vella
Marketing , University of Malta
March 9, 2015

An excellent handbook covering a wealth of topics by a very good range of contributers.

Dr Anthony Thorpe
School of Education, Roehampton University
May 15, 2013

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Pauline Maclaran

Pauline Maclaran is Professor of Marketing & Consumer Research in the School of Management at Royal Holloway. She joined in September 2008, having moved from Keele University where she was Professor of Marketing. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Academy ofMarketing and the Association for Consumer Research, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Prior to becoming an academic she worked in industry for many years, initially in marketing positions and then as a founder partner in her own business, a design and marketing consultancy. During this time she worked with a broad spectrum of public and private... More About Author

Michael Saren

Mike Saren previously held chairs in marketing at the universities of Stirling and Strathclyde and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the UK Academy of Marketing in July 2007. He was a convener of the marketing streams at the Critical Management Studies Conferences, 1999-2011; and one of the founding editors in 2001 of the journal ‘Marketing Theory’’ (Sage Publications). Also co-editor of books on Rethinking Marketing, (Brownlie et al, 1999, Sage) and Critical Marketing: Defining the Field (Saren et al, Elsevier, 2007). His introductory text is Marketing Graffiti: The View from the Street (Saren, 2006, Butterworth Heinemann). More About Author

Barbara Stern

Mark Tadajewski

I have previously taught at the Universities of Leicester, Essex and Strathclyde and my research interests are fairly eclectic. I continue to engage in research related to the history of marketing, with a specific focus on the influence of the Cold War on marketing and advertising theory. An on-going stream of research deals with racism and eugenics in marketing theory, thought and practice. Suffice to say, these are just a sample of what is presently occupying my attention.   More About Author

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