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The SAGE Handbook of Islamic Studies

The SAGE Handbook of Islamic Studies

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392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Islamic Studies is at a critical moment in its history. It seeks both to maintain its rich history and to engage with other – sometimes dominant – cultural and political studies. This tension is producing complex changes in both the theory and the practice of Islamic Studies.

This timely and stimulating Handbook, edited by world-class experts in the field, provides a comprehensive guide to Islamic Studies today. It examines the main issues in the field and explores the key debates. It provides readers with an indispensable, balanced guide to the roots of Islam and the challenges it faces in the twenty-first century.

The Handbook includes discussions of:

  • Islam as a community of discourse and a global system
  • Islam, diaspora and multiculturalism
  • The Qu'ran today
  • Islam as a moral and judicial system
  • Islam and politics
  • Islam and culture
  • Diversities and Islam

Concise, level-headed, and penetrating, this collection will be of interest to anyone who studies contemporary Islam. It brings together an unparalleled collection of international scholars who illuminate some of the most urgent and complex issues in the world today.

Laura Thomas
Introduction: Current Issues in Islamic Studies
John Obert Voll
Islam as a Community of Discourse and a World System
Bryan S Turner
Islam, Diaspora and Multiculturalism
Camilo Gomez-Rivas
Andalusian Jurist, Berber Commander and Mozarab Rebel
Understanding Iberia's Islamic Experience

Qaiser Shahzad
The Qur'an
Lawrence Rosen
Islamic Concepts of Justice
S M Ghazanfar
Islamic Economics: Salient Features and a Critical Survey
Dietrich Reetz
From Madrasa to University: The Challenges and Formats of Islamic Education
Charles E Butterworth
Political Philosophy and Political Thought in the Medieval Arabic-Islamic Tradition of the Middle East
Asma Afsaruddin
Arabic-Islamic Literature: Continuities and Transformations
Walter Denny
Islamic Art: Visual Manifestations of a Faith and a Culture
Amineh Ahmed
Women's Agency in Muslim Society
Haldun Gülalp
Islam and Democracy: Is Turkey an Exception or a Role Model?
Earle H Waugh
Islam in the West
Ayatollah Dr Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad
Shi'a Islam
Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Doctrinal Sufism and Theoretical Gnosis
Robert Sampson
Contemporary Sufism: Islam without Borders

'The chapters of the book combine depth of analysis and erudition on a wide range of subjects. Thus in a single volume one finds several superbly written papers not only on the foundations of Islam and the manifestations of Islamic culture but also on issues which are at the centre of contemporary debates among Muslims such as multiculturalism, social justice, democracy and diversity. As a sourcebook this work is equally useful for students, academicians and general readers' - Zafar Ishaq Ansari, Director, Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University

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Chapter One

Akbar S Ahmed

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed is currently the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University in Washington DC, the First Distinguished Chair of Middle East and Islamic Studies at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, and a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He has taught at Princeton, Harvard, and Cambridge Universities and has been called “the world’s leading authority on contemporary Islam” by the BBC. He has advised General David Petraeus, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, and other US agencies on Islam and foreign policy. He is regularly interviewed by CNN, NPR BBC, and Fox and has appeared several times on Oprah. He... More About Author

Tamara Sonn

Professor Sonn’s books include Interpreting Islam: Bandali Jawzi's Islamic Intellectual History (Oxford, 1996; winner of Choice Book of the Year award); Comparing Religions through Law: Judaism and Islam (with J. Neusner; Routledge 1999; named "One of the Best Books of the 1990s" by the Journal of Law and Religion), Islam: A Brief History (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010, an expanded and updated edition of A Brief History of Islam, Blackwell 2004), The Sage Handbook of Islamic Studies (2010), and The Religion Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Religious Studies (with J. Morreall; Wiley-Blackwell, 2011). ... More About Author

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