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The SAGE Handbook of Identities

The SAGE Handbook of Identities

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March 2010 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Increasingly identities are the site for interdisciplinary initiatives and identity research is at the heart of many trans-disciplinary research centers in the United Kingdom, North America and beyond. No single social science discipline 'owns' identity research which makes it a difficult topic to categorize.

The SAGE Handbook of Identities systematizes this complex field by incorporating its interdisciplinary character to provide a comprehensive overview of its themes in contemporary research while still acknowledging the historical and philosophical significance of the concept of identity.

Drawing on a global scholarship the Handbook has four parts:

Part 1: Frameworks presents the main theoretical and methodological perspectives in identities research.

Part 2: Formations covers the major formative forces for identities such as culture, globalization, migratory patterns, biology and so on.

Part 3: Categories reviews research on the core social categories which are central to identity such as ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability and social class and intersections between these.

Part 4: Sites and Context develops a series of case studies of crucial sites and contexts where identity is at stake such as social movements, relationships and family life, work-places and environments and citizenship.

This Volume will be an excellent reference and resource for academics, researchers and advanced students in a host of disciplines across the social sciences, including social psychology, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, geography, politics and social policy.

Margaret Wetherell
The Field of Identity Studies
Stephen Frosh
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Identity: From Ego to Ethics
Stephen Reicher, Russell Spears & S Alexander Haslam
The Social-Identity Approach in Social Psychology
Toon van Meijl
Anthropological Perspectives on Identity: From Sameness to Difference
Bethan Benwell & Elizabeth Stokoe
Analyzing Identity in Interaction: Contrasting Discourse, Genealogical, Narrative and Conversation Analysis
Sarah E Chinn
Performative Identities: From Identity Politics to Queer Theory
Saurabh Dube
Critical Crossovers: Post-Colonial Perspectives, Subaltern Studies and Cultural Identities
Linda Martin Alcoff
New Epistemologies: Post-Positivist Accounts of Identity
Anne Fausto-Sterling
Biology and Identity
Harry J Elam Jr & Michele Elam
Race and Racial Formations
Rolland Munro
Identity: Culture and Technology
Wendy Hollway
Relationality: The Intersubjective Foundations of Identity
Pnina Werbner
Religious Identity
Helen Wood
From Media and Identity to Mediated Identity
Diane Reay
Identity-Making in Schools and Classrooms
Ann Phoenix
Lynne Segal
Genders: Deconstructed, Reconstructed, Still on the Move
Beverley Skeggs
Class, Culture and Morality: Legacies and Logics in the Space for Identification
Cindy Patton
R Aída Hernández Castillo
Indigeneity as a Field of Power: Multiculturalism and Indigenous Identities in Political Struggles
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson & Moya Bailey
Never Fixed: Modernity and Disability Identities
Manisha Desai
From This Bridge Called My Back to This Bridge We Call Home: Collective Identities and Social Movements
Carole Boyce Davies & Monica Jardine
Migrations, Diasporas, Nations: The Re-Making of Caribbean Identities
Katharina Schmid et al
Identities, Groups and Communities: The Case of Northern Ireland
Helen Lucey
Families, Siblings and Identities
Valerie Walkerdine & Peter Bansel
Neo-Liberalism, Work and Subjectivity: Towards a More Complex Account
Bonita Lawrence
Legislating Identity: Colonialism, Land and Indigenous Legacies
Chandra Talpade Mohanty
Social Justice and the Politics of Identity

Overall, its breaking of disciplinary isolation, enhancing of mutual understanding, and laying out of a transdisciplinary platform makes this Handbook a milestone in identity studies.

Mi Zhao, London School of Economics

Margaret Wetherell

Margaret Wetherell is Professor of Social Psychology at the Open University, UK and Director of the Economic and Social Research Council Programme on Identities and Social Action. More About Author

Chandra Talpade Mohanty

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