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The SAGE Handbook of Health Psychology

The SAGE Handbook of Health Psychology

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Health Psychology

448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The SAGE Handbook of Health Psychology represents a landmark work in the field, gathering together in a single volume contributions from an internationally renowned group of scholars. It provides a definitive, one-stop, authoritative guide to the major themes and debates in health psychology, both past and present, and should in time become a classic reference work for a wide, international readership.

Its coverage is comprehensive, both traditional and innovative, and reflects the latest in global health psychology research from a wide perspective. This includes the latest work in epidemiology of health and illness, health-related cognitions, chronic illness, interventions in changing health behaviour, research methods in health psychology and biological mechanisms of health and disease. As a result its potential as an authoritative entry point to those new to the discipline as well as those already working inside it is very high. Given its breadth of content and accessibility, the Handbook will be indispensable for advanced students as well as researchers.

Expertly organized by editors of international stature, and authored by a similar team of luminaries in the field, this single volume Handbook is an essential purchase for individuals and librarians worldwide.

Advisory Editors:

Professor Karen Matthews PhD

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Ralf Schwarzer

Freie Universität Berlin

Professor Shelley Taylor PhD


Professor Jane Wardle

University College London

Professor Robert West

St. George's Hospital Medical School

Stephen Sutton, Andrew Baum and Marie Johnston
Editors' Preface
Edward P Sarafino
Context and Perspectives in Health Psychology
Reiner Rugulies, Birgit Aust and S Leonard Syme
Epidemiology of Health and Illness
A Socio-Psycho-Physiological Perspective

Brent N Henderson and Andrew Baum
Biological Mechanisms of Health and Disease
Stephen Sutton
Determinants of Health-Related Behaviours
Theoretical and Methodological Issues

Keith J Petrie and James W Pennebaker
Health-Related Cognitions
Richard J Contrada and Tanya M Goyal
Individual differences, Health and Illness
The Role of Emotional Traits and Generalized Expectancies

Andrew Steptoe and Susan Ayers
Stress, Health and Illness
Howard Leventhal et al
Living with Chronic Illness
A Contextualized, Self-Regulation Approach

Simon Murphy and Paul Bennett
Lifespan, Gender and Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Health Psychology
Theresa M Marteau and John Weinman
Communicating about Health Threats and Treatments
Stan Maes and Sandra N Boersma
Applications in Health Psychology
How Effective are Interventions?

David P French, Lucy Yardley and Stephen Sutton
Research Methods in Health Psychology
Marie Johnston et al
Assessment and Measurement in Health Psychology
Cynthia D Belar and Teresa McIntyre
Professional Issues in Health Psychology

"With its refreshing reliance on contributors from outside the US, this handbook offers a more global perspective than most. It also provides more intensive discussion of issues and research than is found in current introductory textbooks. Most of the contributors fill in significant gaps in the research literature on health psychology, making this book especially valuable for those seeking thesis or dissertation topics. . . . Readers will find this handbook both intellectually stimulating and useful."

M.K. Snooks
University of Houston, Clear Lake

Stephen R Sutton

Stephen Sutton is Professor of Behavioural Science in the Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge, and Director of Research and Head of the Behavioural Science Group in the General Practice & Primary Care Research Unit. He is also Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway, and Visiting Professor of Social/Health Psychology at University College London.... More About Author

Andrew S. Baum

Marie Johnston

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