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The SAGE Handbook of Family Communication

The SAGE Handbook of Family Communication

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March 2014 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A thorough exploration of the critical topics and issues facing family communication researchers today

The Sage Handbook of Family Communication provides a comprehensive examination of family communication theory and research. Chapters by leading scholars in family communication expand the definition of family, address recent shifts in culture, and cover important new topics, including families in crisis, families and governmental policies, social media, and extended families. The combination of groundbreaking theories, research methods, and reviews of foundational and emerging research in family communication make this an invaluable resource that explores the critical topics and issues facing family communication researchers today.   
Kathleen Galvin
Introduction: The Family Communication Tree: Deep Roots, Strong Branches
Lynn Turner, Rich West
1.The Challenge of Defining "Family"
Tina M. Harris, Alberto Gonzalez
2. Constructing a Cultural Identity through Family Communication
Sandra Metts, Bryan Asbury
3. Theoretical Approaches to Family Communication
Jeffrey T. Child
4. Research Methods and the Study of Family Communication Practices
Jody Koenig Kellas, Haley Kranstuber Horstman
5. Communicated Narrative Sense-Making: Understanding Family Narratives, Storytelling and the Construction of Meaning through a Communicative Lens
Jeanne Flora, Chris Segrin
6. Family Conflict and Communication
John H. Nicholson
7. Intimacy and Family Communication
Teresa Sabourin, Jessica J. Rack
8. Communication and Family Violence: A Review of Recent Scholarship
April R. Trees
9. Social Support Processes in the Family
Katheryn C. Maguire
10. Stress and Coping in Families: A Review and Synthesis of Communication Research
Tamara Afifi, Anne Merrill, Sharde Davis
11. Examining Family Secrets from a Communication Perspective
Clay Warren, Laura Kolind Warren
12. Family and Partner Communication about Sex
Craig Fowler, Carla L. Fisher
13. Intergenerational Family Relationships
Scott A. Myers, Carrie D. Kennedy-Lightsey
14. Communication in Adult Sibling Relationships
Elizabeth A. Suter
15. Communication in Lesbian and Gay Families
Paul Schrodt
16. Communication in Post-Divorce and Stepfamily Relationships
Fran C. Dickson, Patrick Hughes
17. Aging Families and Family Communication
Helen M. Sterk, Heidi Sisler
18. Organized Religion and Family Communication: Support and Oppression
Angela M. Hosek
19. Education and Family Communication
Loretta Pecchioni, Barbara Cook Overton, Teresa Thompson
20. Families Communicating about Health
Patrice M. Buzzanell
21. Work and Family Communication
Jeffrey L. Tyus
22. It's All in the Family: An Historical Analysis of Diversity and Family Communication within Television Sitcoms
Lynne M. Webb, Andrew M. Ledbetter, Kristen Norwood
23. Families and Technologically Assisted Communication
Leanne K. Knobloch, Steven R. Wilson
24. Communicating in Military Families across the Deployment Cycle
Thomas J. Socha, Iva T. Stoyneva
25. Positive Family Communication: Towards a New Normal
Jordan Soliz, Colleen Warner Colaner
26. Familial Solidarity and Religious Identity: Communication and Interfaith Families
Arthur P. Bochner
Epilogue: On Family Communication's Search for Meaning
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Lynn H. Turner

Lynn H. Turner (Ph.D., Northwestern University) is Professor of Communication Studies in the College of Communication at Marquette University. Her research areas of interest include interpersonal, gendered, and family communication.  She is the co-author or co-editor of over 10 books as well as several articles and book chapters (many with Rich West). Lynn has served in a number of different positions: Director of Graduate Studies for the College of Communication at Marquette University; President of the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender (OSCLG), President of Central States Communication Association ... More About Author

Richard West

Richard West (Ph.D., Ohio University, 1991) is Professor of Communication Studies at Emerson College. He received his BA and MA in Communication at Illinois State University.    Rich is the co-author (with Lynn Turner) of several leading books in communication (Perspectives on Family Communication/4th ed; Interpersonal Communication/2nd ed; IPC/1st ed; Introducing Communication Theory/5th ed; Gender and Communication/3rd ed;) and served as co-editor of the Sage Sourcebook of Family Communication.  He is the author/co-author of over 40 articles and essays and he has participated in over 100 NCA programs.  Rich’s work... More About Author

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