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The SAGE Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology

The SAGE Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology
Integration of Evolutionary Psychology with Other Disciplines

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November 2020 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Evolutionary psychology is an important and rapidly expanding area in the life, social, and behavioral sciences, and this Handbook represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference text in the field today. Chapters in this Handbook address theory and research that integrates evolutionary psychology with other life, social, and behavioral sciences, as well as with the humanities. The SAGE Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology is an essential resource for researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students in all areas of psychology, and in related disciplines across the life, social, and behavioral sciences.

Part 1: Integration within Psychology

Part 2: Integration with other Life, Social, and Behavioral Sciences

Part 3: Integration with the Humanities

Part 1: Integration within Psychology
Michael Baker
Chapter 1: Evolutionary Social Psychology
Jeanette Altarriba & Allison Wilck
Chapter 2: Evolutionary Cognitive Psychology
Carlos Hernández Blasi
Chapter 3: Evolutionary Developmental Psychology
Frederick L. Coolidge & Thomas Wynn
Chapter 4: Evolutionary Neuropsychology
Sarah F. Brosnan
Chapter 5: Comparative Evolutionary Psychology
Stephen M. Colarelli, Charlie Yang, & Tyler J. Mirando
Chapter 6: Evolutionary Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair, Simen Mjøen Larsen, & Thomas H. Kleppestø
Chapter 7: Evolutionary Clinical Psychology
Oliver Sng & Steven L. Neuberg
Chapter 8: Evolutionary Cultural Psychology
John Sweller
Chapter 9: Evolutionary Educational Psychology
Part 2: Integration with other Life, Social, and Behavioral Sciences
John Alcock
Chapter 10: Evolutionary Psychology and Biology
Rachel Knoblach, Bethany Mims, Raquel Oliveira, & Kevin Beaver
Chapter 11: Implications of Genetic Research for Evolutionary Psychology
Elizabeth Cashdan, Joan B. Silk, & Aiyana K. Willard
Chapter 12: Evolutionary Psychology and Anthropology
Marc Abramiuk
Chapter 13: Evolutionary Psychology and Archaeology
Stephen Sanderson
Chapter 14: Evolutionary Psychology and Sociology
Rose McDermott
Chapter 15: Evolutionary Psychology and Political Science: The role of human psychology in institutional structures
C. Monica Capra & Paul Rubin
Chapter 16: Evolutionary Psychology and Economics
Jill M. Sundie, Daniel J. Beal, & Howard M. Weiss
Chapter 17: Evolutionary Psychology and Business: Examining Life at Work Through Life at Work Through the Lens of Status
Maryanne L. Fisher & Rebecca L. Burch
Chapter 18: Evolutionary Psychology and Gender Studies
Part 3: Integration with the Humanities
Christine Clavien & Florian Cova
Chapter 19: Evolutionary Psychology and Ethics
Emelie Jonsson
Chapter 20: Evolutionary Literary Theory
John Teehan, Helen De Cruz, & Johan De Smedt
Chapter 21: Evolutionary Psychology and the Study of Religion
Laura Betzig
Chapter 22: Evolution and History
Nicholas Bannan
Chapter 23: Evolutionary Psychology and the Performing Arts
Richard Hickman
Chapter 24: Evolutionary Psychology and the Visual Arts

Todd K. Shackelford

Todd K. Shackelford received his Ph.D. in evolutionary psychology in 1997 from the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2010, he is Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Oakland University ( in Rochester, Michigan, where he is Co-Director of the Evolutionary Psychology Lab ( In 2016, he was appointed Distinguished Professor by the Oakland University Board of Trustees. He led the founding of new Ph.D. and M.S. programs (, which launched in 2012. Shackelford has published around 300 journal articles and his work has been... More About Author

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