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The SAGE Handbook of Domestic Violence

The SAGE Handbook of Domestic Violence

Two Volume Set
Edited by:

December 2020 | 1 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The field of Domestic Violence research has expanded considerably in the past decade and now includes work conducted by researchers in many different disciplines, notably political science, public health, law, psychology, sociology, criminology, anthropology, family studies, and medicine. The SAGE Handbook of Domestic Violence provides a rich overview of the most important theoretical and empirical work in the field, organized by relationship type. The handbook addresses the three major areas of research on domestic violence:

-          Violence against partners

-          Violence against children

-          Violence against other family members.

This Handbook is a unique and timely publication and a long awaited, valuable resource for the vast amount of Domestic Violence research centres and individual researchers across the globe.

Part 1: Men's Violence Against Women

Part 2: Women’s Violence Against Men

Part 3: Violence Against Partners in Homosexual Relationships

Part 4: Mothers' Violence Against Children

Part 5: Father's Violence Against Children

Part 6: Other Circumstances of Neglect, Abuse, and Violence Against Children

Part 7: Violence Against Siblings

Part 8: Violence Against Parents

Part 9: Violence Against Other Family Members

Volume 1

Part 1: Men's Violence Against Women
Alison Brysk & Jesilyn Faust
Chapter 1: Contesting femicide: Social movements and the politics of men's violence against female intimate partners
Suzanne Zaccour
Chapter 2: Public policy and laws addressing men's violence against female intimate partners
Lata Satyen, Meu Supol, Archna Ranganathan, & John W. Toumbourou
Chapter 3: International and Cross-Cultural Research on Men's Violence against Female Intimate Partners
Chunrye Kim & Raquel Kennedy Bergen
Chapter 4: Men's non-lethal physical abuse of female intimate partners
Meredith Bagwell-Gray
Chapter 5: Sexual Violence Perpetrated by Men against Women in Intimate Relationships
Eva Aizpurua & Ciara O'Conell
Chapter 6: Men's psychological violence against women
Eric Tenkorang
Chapter 7: Economic abuse and women's sexual autonomy: Evidence from Ghana
Marieke Liem
Chapter 8: Familicide: The killing of spouse and children by men
Sonia Salari & Carrie Sillito
Chapter 9: Homicide-suicide by men against female intimate partners
Helena Menih
Chapter 10: Domestic Violence and Homelessness Among Women
Kara Pado & Kanako Taku
Chapter 11: Post-traumatic Growth among Female Survivors and Male Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
Michele R. Parkhill & Travis N. Ray
Chapter 12: The Role of Masculinity in the Perpetration of Relationship Violence
Part 2: Women's Violence Against Men
Andreia Machado, Marlene Matos, Pedro Jacob Morais, & Mário Monte
Chapter 13: Public policy and laws addressing women's violence against male intimate partners
Elizabeth Bates & Meagan Poynton
Chapter 14: Women's use of non-lethal violence against men
Joana Carvalho & Nélio Brazão
Chapter 15: Women's sexual violence of male intimate partners
Günnur Karakurt
Chapter 16: Women's psychological abuse of male intimate partners
Jozica Johanna Kutin
Chapter 17: Women's Economic Abuse and Control of Male Intimate Partners
Bitna Kim
Chapter 18: Partner-killing of men by female intimate partners
Margarita Poteyeva
Chapter 19: Familicide (killing of spouse and children) by women
Wendy C. Regoeczi & Randolph Roth
Chapter 20: Homicide-suicide by Women against Intimate Partners
Part 3: Violence Against Partners in Homosexual Relationships
Luca Rollè, Tommaso Trombetta, & Fabrizio Santoniccolo
Chapter 21: The Help-Seeking Process in Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence
Sofi Oskarsson & Susanne Strand
Chapter 22: Police Perceptions of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Relationships
Philippa Laskey
Chapter 23: Physical abuse and control of intimate partners in LGBTQ+ relationships
Lisa K. Waldner
Chapter 24: Sexual Abuse of Intimate Partners in Homosexual Relationships
Part 4: Mothers' Violence Against Children
Aleksandra Bacewicz & Susan Hatters-Friedman
Chapter 25: Infanticide and the Law
Brittany Abeln, Victoria Towers, & Rene Love
Chapter 26: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: The Maternal Perpetrator and Child Victim
Sandra Azar & Melanie D. Hetzel-Riggin
Chapter 27: Mothers who Neglect Their Children
Christina M. Rodriguez
Chapter 28: Mothers' non-lethal physical abuse of children
Susan Hatters-Friedman, Alyssa Beda, & Shaina Logemann
Chapter 29: Child Murder by the Mother
Part 5: Father's Violence Against Children
Katreena Scott & Nicole Loncar
Chapter 30: Public policy and laws addressing father's violence against children
Abdul Khaleque
Chapter 31: Father's neglect of children
James E. McCarroll, Joscelyn E. Fisher, Stephen J. Cozza, & Ronald J. Whalen
Chapter 32: Paternal Filicide - The Killing of Children by Fathers
Volume 2

Part 6: Other Circumstances of Neglect, Abuse, and Violence Against Children
Agata Debowska, George Hales, & Daniel Boduszek
Chapter 33: Violence against children by stepparents
William Schneider
Chapter 34: Violence Against Children by Mother's Cohabiting Partner
Peggy Keller & Faith VanMeter
Chapter 35: Grandparent Violence Against Children
Finiki Nearchou
Chapter 36: Violence against children by teachers
Anna Westberg-Broström & Helena Bergström
Chapter 37: Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by Non-Parental Caregivers in Swedish Preschools
Marci A. Hamilton
Chapter 38: Religious Practices that Have Contributed to a Culture of Secrecy Regarding Child Sex Abuse in Five Religious Organizations
Claudio Longobardi, Matteo Angelo Fabris, & Laura Badenes-Ribera
Chapter 39: Violence Against Children by Peers
Christin M. Ogle, Ronald J. Whalen, & Stephen J. Cozza
Chapter 40: Child Maltreatment in Military Communities
Ko Ling Chan & QiQi Chen
Chapter 41: Violence against children and family polyvictimization
Netanel Gemara & Yochay Nadan
Chapter 42: Corporal Punishment in the Ultra-Orthodox Community in Israel: Gaps between the Perceptions of Social Workers and Fathers
Shreya Bhanderi & Maya Ragavan
Chapter 43: Domestic Violence Against Immigrant Women and Children in the United States
Part 7: Violence Against Siblings
Kirsten L. Buist
Chapter 44: International and cross-cultural research on conflict and violence against siblings
Inês Carvalho Relva, Madalena Alcarcão, Natalie Harrison, & Otília Monteiro Fernandes
Chapter 45: Non-lethal physical abuse of siblings
John Caffaro
Chapter 46: Sexual Abuse of Siblings
Amy Meyers
Chapter 47: The Developmental Impact of Sibling Abuse: Understanding Emotional Implications in the Context of Family Dysfunction
Roxanne Khan & Gayle Brewer
Chapter 48: Financial abuse and control of siblings
Hans Hämäläinen, Antti O. Tanskanen, & Mirkka Danielsbacka
Chapter 49: Killing of Siblings in Humans
Nicholas D. Antonson & Mark Hauber
Chapter 50: Conflict and Violence in Avian Families: A Natural History Perspective
Part 8: Violence Against Parents
Amanda Holt
Chapter 51: International and cross-cultural research on violence against parents
Hannah Bows & Simon Hackett
Chapter 52: Sexual abuse of parents
Joana Del Hoyo-Bilbao & Ismael Loinaz
Chapter 53: Psychological Abuse of Parents
Kathleen M. Heide
Chapter 54: Killing of Parents in Humans
Part 9: Violence Against Other Family Members
Anna W.M. Choi, Pik Ying Chan, Alhassan Abdullah, Peter T.Y. To, & Barbara C.Y. Lo
Chapter 55: Social movements and politics of violence in cohabiting non-marital families
Phillip Shon
Chapter 56: Killing of stepparents by stepchildren
Donald Greydanus, Christine Tran Vu, & Julianna Lautenschleger
Chapter 57: Violence against stepsiblings
Jessica A. Hehman, Catherin A. Salmon, & Emily R. Villeneuve
Chapter 58: Killing of stepsiblings
Sara C. Haden, Shelby E. McDonald, & Jennifer L. Murphy
Chapter 59: Violence Against Family Pets
Sarah Bekaert & Jane Appleton
Chapter 60: Intimate Partner Violence in Teen Relationships
Ann MacRae, Rachel Breman, & David Vicary
Chapter 61: Family Violence and Abuse Against Non-Parental Caregivers in Victoria and Tasmania

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