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The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology

The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology

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© 2016 | 636 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Cultural sociology - or the sociology of culture - has grown from a minority interest in the 1970s to become one of the largest and most vibrant areas within sociology globally. In The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology, a global range of experts explore the theory, methodology and innovations that make up this ever-expanding field.

The Handbook's 40 original chapters have been organised into five thematic sections:

  • Theoretical Paradigms
  • Major Methodological Perspectives
  • Domains of Inquiry
  • Cultural Sociology in Contexts
  • Cultural Sociology and Other Analytical Approaches

Both comprehensive and current, The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology will be an essential reference tool for both advanced students and scholars across sociology, cultural studies and media studies.
David Inglis
Paul Jones
Marxist Cultural Sociology
David Inglis
Max Weber’s Presences: On the Cultural Sociology of the Long-Term
Colin Loader
The Cultural Sociology of Alfred Weber and Karl Mannheim
David Inglis
Durkheimian and Neo-Durkheimian Cultural Sociologies
Eduardo de la Fuente
A Qualitative Theory of Culture: Georg Simmel and Cultural Sociology
Gisèle Sapiro
Bourdieu’s Sociology of Culture: On the Economy of Symbolic Goods
Norman Denzin
Symbolic Interactionism’s Contribution to the Study of Culture
Karen A. Cerulo
Cognition and Cultural Sociology: The Inside and Outside of Thought
Anna-Mari Almila
Actor Network Theory and Its Cultural Uses
Pertti Alasuutari
Neoinstitutionalist Sociology
Ilana F. Silber
The Cultural Worth of ‘Economies of Worth’: French Pragmatic Sociology from a Cultural Sociological Perspective
Rudi Laermans
Systems Theory and Culture: Drawing Lessons from Parsons and Luhmann
Marco Santoro
The ‘Production of Culture Perspective’ in Perspective
Chandra Mukerji
Cultural Historical Sociology
Dick Houtman & Peter Achterberg
Quantitative Analysis in Cultural Sociology: Why It Should be Done, How It Can Be Done
Thomas S. Eberle
Qualitative Cultural Sociology
Julien Duval
Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Jonathan Roberge
Hermeneutics and Cultural Sociology
Nick Crossley
Social Network Analysis
John Hughson
Ethnography and the Sociology of Culture
David Inglis
Sociology and Cultural Studies: A Close and Fraught Relationship
Janet Stewart
Visual Culture Studies and Cultural Sociology: Extractive Seeing
Mary Kosut
Queering Gender, Art and Culture in the Age of Media Convergence
Bethany Bryson
Symbolic Boundaries
Laura Edles
Cultural Sociology of Religion and Beliefs
Rachel Hurdley
Everyday Life: The Making of a Sociological Topic, Then Making it ‘Cultural Sociology’
Tia DeNora
'Turn Turn Turn!’ Musicalizing Cultural Sociology with the ‘in Action’ Perspective
Nick Stevenson
Cultural Citizenship
Hank Johnston
Dimensions of Culture in Social Movement Research
Eric Taylor Woods
Cultural Nationalism
Ron Jacobs
Cultural Sociology of News Media
Brad West
Cultural Memory
Paul Jones
(Cultural) Sociologies of Architecture?
Tatiana Signorelli Heise & Andrew Tudor
For a Sociology of the Cinema
Nail Farkhatdinov & Sophia Krzys Acord
Witnessing Culture: Museums, Exhibitions and the Artistic Encounter
Anna-Mari Almila
Cultural Sociology of Fashion: On the Sartorial, Symbolic and Social
Andy Bennett
Popular Music and Cultural Sociology
Dominic Bartmanski
Fred Wherry
The Cultural Sociology of Markets
David Wright
Cultural Consumption and Cultural Omnivorousness
Sonia Bookman
Cultural Sociology: Brands
Matthias Varul
Cultural Sociology of Ethical Consumption

David Inglis

David Inglis is Professor of Sociology at the University of Exeter. More About Author

Anna-Mari Almila

Anna-Mari Almila is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Sociology of Fashion at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. More About Author

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