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The SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture

The SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture

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January 2018 | 576 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The question of consumption emerged as a major focus of research and scholarship in the 1990s but the breadth and diversity of consumer culture has not been fully enough explored. The meanings of consumption, particularly in relation to lifestyle and identity, are of great importance to academic areas including business studies, sociology, cultural and media studies, psychology, geography and politics.

The SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture is a one-stop resource for scholars and students of consumption, where the key dimensions of consumer culture are critically discussed and articulated. The editors have organised contributions from a global and interdisciplinary team of scholars into six key sections: 

Part 1: Sociology of Consumption
Part 2: Geographies of Consumer Culture
Part 3: Consumer Culture Studies in Marketing
Part 4: Consumer Culture in Media and Cultural Studies
Part 5: Material Cultures of Consumption
Part 6: The Politics of Consumer Culture

Olga Kravets, Pauline Maclaran, Steven Miles and Alladi Venkatesh
Chapter 1: Introduction
PART 1: Sociology of Consumption
Stephen Miles
Chapter 2: The Emergence of Contemporary Consumer Culture
Ben Fine, Kate Bayliss and Mary Robertson
Chapter 3: The Systems of Provision Approach to Understanding Consumption
Marie-Emmanuelle Chessel and Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier
Chapter 4: The Making of the Consumer: Historical and Sociological Perspectives
Jessica Paddock
Chapter 5: Consumption, Class and Taste
PART 2: Geographies of Consumer Culture
Güliz Ger, Eminegül Karababa, Alev Kuruoglu, Meltem Türe, Tuba Üstüner and Baskin Yenicioglu
Chapter 6: Debunking the Myths of Global Consumer Culture Literature
Olga Gurova
Chapter 7: Consumer Culture in Socialist Russia
Sanja Srivastava
Chapter 8: New Urbanism, Post-nationalism and Consumerist Modernity in India
Erika Kuever
Chapter 9: Consumption and Consumer Rights in Contemporary China
Andreas Chatzidakis and Vera Hoelscher
Chapter 10: Spaces of (Consumer) Resistance
PART 3: Consumer Culture Studies in Marketing
Linda Price
Chapter 11: Consumer Culture Theory: A Front-row Seat at the Sidelines
Gretchen Larsen and Maurice Patterson
Chapter 12: Consumer Identity Projects
Cele C. Otnes
Chapter 13: Re-presenting, Reinvigorating and Reconciling: Gift-Giving Research within and beyond the CCT Paradigm
Bernard Cova and Daniele Dalli
Chapter 14: Prosumption Tribes: How Consumers collectively Rework Brands, Products, Services and Markets
Jay Handelman and Eileen Fischer
Chapter 15: Contesting Understandings of Contestation: Rethinking Perspectives on Activism
PART 4: Consumer Culture in Media and Cultural Studies
Mehita Iqani
Chapter 16: Consumer Culture and The Media
Rossella Ghigi and Roberta Sassatelli
Chapter 17: Body Projects: Fashion, Aesthetic Modifications and Stylised Selves
Daniela Pirani, Benedetta Cappellini and Vicki Harman
Chapter 18: Who takes the first bite? A Critical Overview of Gender Representations in Food Marketing
Detlev Zwick and Janice Denegri-Knott
Chapter 19: Biopolitical Marketing and Technologies of Enclosure
PART 5: Material Cultures of Consumption
Paul Mullins
Chapter 20: The Materiality of Consumer Culture
Shona Bettany
Chapter 21: Subject/Object Relations and Consumer Culture
Franck Cochoy and Alexandre Mallard
Chapter 22: Another Consumer Culture Theory: An ANT look at consumption, or how 'market-things' help 'cultivate' customers
Benoit Heilbrunn
Chapter 23: Objects: From Signs to Design
Brett Scott
Chapter 24: The War on Cash
PART 6: The Politics of Consumer Culture
Stefan Schwarzkopf
Chapter 25: Consumer-Citizens: Markets, Marketing and the Making of 'Choice'
Anisha Datta and Indranil Chakraborty
Chapter 26: Are you Neoliberal Fit? The Politics of Consumption under Neoliberalism
William Kilbourne, Pierre McDonagh and Andrea Prothero
Chapter 27: Sustainable Consumption, Consumer Culture and The Politics of a Megatrend
Eleftheria J. Lekakis
Chapter 28: Buying into the Nation: The Politics of Consumption and Nationalism
Alan Bradshaw
Chapter 29: The Politics of Consumption

A thorough and comprehensive guide filled with insightful and up to date articles written by foremost experts. This belongs on the bookshelves of researchers and practitioners, indeed anyone with an interest in the consumer culture that dominates the world.

Richard Wilk
Indiana University

Two of the most important elements of this volume are a) the truly diverse approaches to the study of consumer culture at the global level, and b) the rich bibliographies provided by each of the chapters. The authors come from around the world, teaching at institutions in at least 10 different countries, in a variety of disciplines. Academic libraries with programs in any or all of the disciplines mentioned in the book [business, psychology and sociology, geography and politics] should consider adding this volume to their collections.

Mark Schumacher
The American Reference Books Annual

This Consumer Culture Handbook is an exciting, useful and frankly valiant overview of the intensely multidisciplinary field that consumer culture studies have become. It will provide an excellent vantage point from which to make sense of this dynamic field.

Don Slater
Department of Sociology, LSE

The Sage Handbook of Consumer Culture provides a remarkably comprehensive treatment of how this controversial, contested, and consequential intersection of consumption, the market, and culture is conceptualized and investigated across diverse intellectual fields. More than just a review, each chapter recognizes past influences while articulating cutting edge ideas, new analytic tools, and anticipating future directories. The Sage Handbook of Consumer Culture allows for a ready and intellectually enriching comparison of how the complexities of consumer culture are addresses across the spheres of sociology, anthropology, history, media studies, material studies and business/marketing. In its grand finale, this collection offers a series of integrative, interdisciplinary studies that explore how forces of neoliberalism, consumer activism, discourses of sustainability, and nationalism are inflected through the marketized prism of consumer culture, generating a nexus of political and societal effects. The Sage Handbook of Consumer Culture is essential reading for anyone seeking a fuller understanding of this interdisciplinary and dynamic sphere of inquiry.         


Craig Thompson
Professor of Marketing, Wisconsin School of Business

Olga Kravets

Pauline Maclaran

Steven Miles

Alladi Venkatesh

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