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The SAGE Guide to Writing in Policing

The SAGE Guide to Writing in Policing
Report Writing Essentials

December 2019 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The SAGE Guide to Writing in Policing: Report Writing Essentials equips students with transferable writing skills that can be applied across the field of policing - both academically and professionally. Authors Steven Hougland and Jennifer M. Allen interweave professional and applied writing, academic writing, and information literacy, with the result being a stronger, more confident report writer. Students are also exposed to a number of best practices for various elements of report writing, such as the face page, incident reports, supplemental reports, investigative reports, and traffic reports, as well as search warrants and affidavits.
Chapter 1: The Basics of Writing
Basic Grammar Rules

Critical Thinking Skills, Academic Writing, and Professional Writing

Writing for the Criminal Justice Professions

Chapter 2: What Is Information Literacy?
Information Literacy

Digital Literacy, Computer Literacy, and Technology Literacy Skills

Chapter 3: Police Report Writing: The Face Page
Common Data Fields

Uses of Face Page Data

Tips for Writing the Incident Report

Writing the Narrative

Formatting the Incident Report


Chapter 4: Supplemental, Investigative, and Traffic Crash Reports
Incident Report

Evidence Report

Arrest Warrants

Arrest Report or Booking Report

Traffic Crash Reports

Chapter 5: Search Warrants, Affidavits, and Sworn Statements
What is a Search Warrant?

How to Obtain a Search Warrant

The Scope of a Warrant

Sworn Statements

Chapter 6: Other Documents: Memos, Letters, Emails, Cover Letters, and Resumes
Writing Business-Related Documents




Social Media

Cover Letters and Resumes

Chapter 7: Academic Paper Formats: What Is APA Formatting?
Research, Publication, and the APA Style Rules

Types of Publications

APA Formatting and Ethical and Legal Standards

Modern Language Association and the Chicago Manual of Style

Chapter 8: The Academic Research Paper
The Research Writing Process

Locating Sources

Evaluating Sources

How to Read a Scholarly Article

Writing a Literature Review

Writing the Essay

Working and Annotated Bibliographies


Jennifer M. Allen

Jennifer M. Allen is a professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Nova Southeastern University and former department head of the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of North Georgia. She has worked with juveniles in detention, on probation, and with those victimized by abuse and neglect. Dr. Allen has served on advisory boards for Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring programs, Rainbow Children’s Home, domestic violence/sexual assault programs, and teen courts. Dr. Allen has published in the areas of restorative justice, juvenile delinquency and justice, youth programming, police crime, and policing administration and ethics.... More About Author

Steven Hougland

Steven M. Hougland is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. He is a retired law enforcement officer with 30 years of policing and corrections experience at the local and state level. Dr. Hougland has published in the areas of police use of force, law enforcement accreditation, and police ethics. More About Author

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