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The Russian Army in a Time of Troubles

The Russian Army in a Time of Troubles

  • Pavel K Baev - Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway and Brookings Institution, USA

May 1996 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This study of the Russian army and how it has fared in the uncertain transitional period since independence in December 1991 provides the basis for understanding its present and potential future role in the new political developments within Russia. Starting with a historical overview of Russia's security agenda and an examination of the Russian/Soviet army's tradition of involvement in politics, The Russian Army in a Time of Troubles examines Russia's current security interests and the role of the army in protecting them. Geopolitical perspectives are linked to the security issues of the 'Near Abroad' and to the nuclear dimension of security. Author Pavel K. Baev then considers the question of the feasibility of political control over the Russian army. The problem of the politicization of the army is followed through the interlinked issues of stalled military reform and a drastically reduced military budget. Baev examines the current military role of the army with case studies on conflict management in the Caucasus and the army's performance in the role of peace-keeper in the Chechen war. Finally, the place of the army in Russia's peacekeeping activities within a broader European context is examined. This outstanding study of the Russian army provides the basis for understanding its present and potential future role in the new political developments within Russia and will be appreciated by academics and students in the fields of Russian studies, International relations, political science, and military studies.
The Russian Army and Politics in Historical Perspective
Russia's Security Interests and the Army
The Feasibility of Political Control of the Army
Europeanizing the Russian Army
Handling Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Space
The Russian Army as Peace-Keeper
Russian Peace-Keeping and European Security
Through the Fog of War

Pavel Baev

Pavel Baev is a Senior Researcher and Head of Section at the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences. He has written this book while on sabbatical leave as a researcher at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo. He was previously a Senior Researcher at the Scientific-Research Institute of the Soviet Ministry of Defence, 1979 to 1988. His publications include Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe: The Problem of Reduction and Elimination. He is co-editor of the quarterly journal Security Dialogue. More About Author

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