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The Risk Society and Beyond

The Risk Society and Beyond
Critical Issues for Social Theory

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Barbara Adam - Cardiff University, UK
  • Ulrich Beck - University of Munich, Germany
  • Joost Van Loon - Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany, Nottingham Trent University, UK

240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Ulrich Beck's best selling Risk Society established risk on the sociological agenda. It brought together a wide range of issues centering on environmental, health and personal risk, provided a rallying ground for researchers and activists in a variety of social movements and acted as a reference point for state and local policies in risk management. The Risk Society and Beyond charts the progress of Beck's ideas and traces their evolution. It demonstrates why the issues raised by Beck reverberate widely throughout social theory and covers the new risks that Beck did not foresee, associated with the emergence of new technologies, genetic and cybernetic. The book is unique because it offers both an introduction to the main arguments in Risk Society and develops a range of critical discussions of aspects of this and other works of Beck.
Barbara Adam and Joost van Loon
Repositioning Risk: The Challenge for Social Theory

Alan Scott
Risk or Angst Society?
Two Views of Risk, Consciousness and Community

Scott Lash
Risk Culture
Hilary Rose
Risk, Trust and Scepticism in the Age of New Genetics
Alan Irwin, Stuart Allan and Ian Welsh
Nuclear Risks
Three Problematics

Lindsay Prior, Peter Glasner and Ruth McNally
Three Challenges to Risk Legitimation

Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim
Health and Responsibility
From Social Change to Technological Change and Vice Versa

Claudia Castaneda
Child Organ Stealing Stories
Risk, Rumour and Reproductive Technologies

Howard Caygill
Liturgies of Fear
Biotechnology and Culture

Joost van Loon
Virtual Risks in an Age of Cybernetic Reproduction
Deirdre Boden
Information, Instantaneity and Global Futures Trading
Ruth Levitas
Discourses of Risk and Utopia
Ulrich Beck
Risk Society Revisited
Theory, Politics and Research Programmes


Barbara Adam

My primary expertise is in the area of social and socio-environmental time. I have developed this perspective over the last three decades during which I have worked the time dimension into the following areas of conceptual and empirical social science research: culture, education, environment, environmental economics, food, globalisation, gender, health, international relations, management, media, risk, technological innovation, transport and work. More About Author

Ulrich Beck

Professor Ulrich Beck is Professor for Sociology at the University of Munich, and has been the British Journal of Sociology LSE Centennial Professor in the Department of Sociology since 1997.  He has received Honorary Doctorates from several Europeanuniversities. Professor Beck is editor of Soziale Welt, editor of the Edition Second Modernity at Suhrkamp. He is founding director of the research centre at the University of Munich (in cooperation with three other universities in the area), Sonderforschungsbereich - Reflexive Modernisation financed since 1999 by the DFG (German Research Society). More About Author

Joost Van Loon

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