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More Ramped-Up Read Alouds

More Ramped-Up Read Alouds
Building Knowledge and Boosting Comprehension

50 NEW read-aloud experiences

240 pages | Corwin

Unlock the transformative potential of read-aloud to joyfully strengthen essential literacy skills.

In this eagerly anticipated follow-up to Maria Walther’s The Ramped-Up Read Aloud, discover 50 MORE read-aloud experiences designed to bolster students’ literacy development, ignite imagination, and enhance motivation.

Backed by the latest research, this indispensable guide equips educators with the knowledge and tools to make read alouds a cornerstone of their teaching practice. More Ramped-Up Read Alouds includes lessons focused on foundational reading concepts like phonological awareness and decoding along with a new chapter on integrating literacy with STEAM.

This must-have resource for K-5 teachers, librarians, schools, and districts goes beyond the basics. It empowers educators to elevate their read alouds, offering strategies to broaden students’ content knowledge, expand vocabulary, and boost listening comprehension. Each read-aloud experience features:

  • Standards-based learning targets
  • Key vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Innovative reading response ideas
  • Targeted extension activities to enhance the experience for upper elementary learners

Looking to create joyful, enriching reading experiences that will lead to endless possibilities? Search no further! It’s time to make interactive read-aloud a non-negotiable part of the day—and watch learners soar!

Chapter 1: Maintain a Happy and Caring Learning Community All Year Long
Chapter 2: Focus on Foundational Skills
Chapter 3: Strengthen Listening Comprehension
Chapter 4: Build Content Knowledge: Blend Literacy with STEAM
Chapter 5: Inspire Writers!

Maria P. Walther

Maria Walther is a seasoned educator, author, and literacy consultant with over three decades of experience teaching first grade. Her practical, yet engaging approach to classroom instruction has made her a trusted partner for educators seeking effective teaching strategies. With a doctoral degree from Northern Illinois University, Maria is an avid researcher who continues to further her knowledge of literacy instruction. Maria is a strong advocate for reading aloud and has been honored for her dedication to fostering a love of reading in children with the Illinois Reading Educator of the Year and the ICARE for Reading Award. One of Maria... More About Author