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The Public Debate Over Controversial Supreme Court Decisions

The Public Debate Over Controversial Supreme Court Decisions

November 2005 | 432 pages | CQ Press
''''Historically, U.S. citizens have accepted most Supreme Court decisions without protest, but there have also been rulings that have aroused public anger, condemnation and defiance. These public reactions and the debates they have inspired have helped shape the social and political character of the nation. ''The Public Debate Over Controversial Supreme Court Decisions explores public reaction to over forty of the most well known and contentious cases ruled upon by the Court. The renowned cases covered begin with those from early in U.S. history, such as McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) and the Dred Scott decision (1857), to recent cases that have fanned the flames of debate over current highly-charged issues such as abortion (Roe v. Wade, 1973) and homosexual rights (Lawrence v. Texas, 2003).''''The book presents information through a unique integration of essays and primary source documents that bring both context and a sense of immediacy to the cases discussed. Each case entry includes:''''An informative introductory essay that explains:'''' The facts of the case;'' The Court's ruling and its importance;'' A brief overview of the scope and magnitude of public response, with narrative thread tying together primary sources. ''''Primary source selections from a wide range of public responses, including:'''' Newspapers and magazines;'' Public opinion polls;'' Letters written about the case and to the justices;'' Comments or speeches made by presidents, members of Congress, and other public figures.''''The Public Debate Over Controversial Supreme Court Decisions is designed to fit into high school social studies and college curriculums. Public libraries will want this resource in their collections for any patrons who want to learn about the importance of these controversial cases in their own lives as citizens.''''

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Melvin I. Urofsky

MELVIN I. UROFSKY is professor of law and public policy and a professor emeritus of history at Virginia Commonwealth University. More About Author

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