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The Public and the Private

The Public and the Private
Issues of Democratic Citizenship

First Edition
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340 pages | SAGE India
Bringing together original essays by distinguished scholars from diverse disciplines, this volume constitutes an important contribution to the private-public debate. It does not set out to provide conclusive answers but raises pertinent questions, explores their implications, and looks to promote a global process of dialogue. The contributors highlight the manner in which the public and the private actually reinforce one another and collectively impact democracy.
Helmut Reifeld
Gurpreet Mahajan
Introduction: The Public and the Private: Two Modes of Enhancing Democratization
Andr[ac]e B[ac]eteille
The Public as a Social Category
Dipankar Gupta
The Domesticated Public
Tradition, Modernity and the Public/Private Divide

Ute Frevert
The Middle Classes as Public and Private
Culture, Gender and Modernization in 19th Century Europe

T N Madan
Of the Social Categories 'Private' and 'Public'
Considerations of Cultural Context

Margrit Pernau
From a 'Private' Public to a 'Public' Private Sphere
Old Delhi and the North Indian Muslims in Comparative Perspective

Gail Omvedt
The Struggle for Social Justice and the Expansion of the Public Sphere
Rajeev Dhavan
Law's Magic and Empire Revisited
Public Spaces and Private Lives - The Domain of the Law

Neera Chandhoke
Transcending Categories
The Private, the Public and the Search for Home

Patricia Uberoi
Feminism and the Public-Private Distinction
Clauspeter Hill
Protecting Individual Rights as Safeguards of the Private Sphere
The German Setting from the Legal Point of View

Aswini K Ray
Voluntary Action and Citizenship
Issues of Civil Rights

L C Jain
Public Ethics and Accountability
Arjun Sengupta
Public Sector in a Market Economy
Kuldeep Mathur
Privatization as Reform
Liberalization and Public Sector Enterprises in India

Harsh Sethi
NGOs in the Era of Globalization
Reworking the State-Citizen Dialectic

Sarah Joseph
Creating a Public: Reinventing Democratic Citizenship

Gurpreet Mahajan

Gurpreet Mahajan is Professor of Political Science at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She is the author of Explanation and Understanding in the Human Sciences (1992), Identities and Rights: Aspects of Liberal Democracy in India (1998) and The Multicultural Path: Issues of Diversity and Discrimination in Democracy (2001). She has also edited Democracy, Difference and Social Justice (1998) and co-edited Minority Identities and the Nation-State (with D.L. Sheth) 1999. More About Author

Helmut Reifeld

Helmut Reifeld is at present the Representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in India. Formerly a research fellow with the German Historical Institute, London, and Bayreuth University, Germany, his co edited works include Pluralism and Equality and Women in Panchayati Raj. More About Author

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