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The Psychology Handbook Collection

The Psychology Handbook Collection

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May 2005 | SAGE Publications Ltd
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The Handbook of Cognition provides a definitive synthesis of the most up-to-date and advanced work in cognitive psychology in a single volume. The editors have gathered together a team of world-leading researchers in specialist areas of the field, both traditional and 'hot' new areas, to present a benchmark of the discipline. Whether an established researcher in this field, or someone approaching it for the first time at a senior level, this volume is indispensable reading and will be a reference for many years to come.

The SAGE Handbook of Health Psychology represents a landmark work in the field, gathering together in a single volume contributions from an internationally renowned group of scholars. It provides a definitive, one-stop, authoritative guide to the major themes and debates in health psychology, both past and present, and should in time become a classic reference work for a wide, international readership. Given its breadth of content and accessibility, it is indispensable for advanced students as well as researchers

The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology is a comprehensive, scholarly, and up-to-date survey of the field of social psychology containing 23 chapters by leading researchers from around the world. It is a state-of-the-art text with an eye to the future, in which rich integrative chapters incorporate thorough analytic reviews. It is essential reading for academics, researchers, students and professionals in social psychology.

The SAGE Handbook of Methods in Social Psychology gives researchers and students an overview of the rich history of methodological innovation in both basic and applied research within social psychology. It is a valuable resource for academics and researchers who are interested in learning about modern perspectives on classic and innovative methodological approaches in social psychology.

Carol Sansone

Carol Sansone, Ph.D. (1984, Columbia University) is Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah. Her research examines the process through which people regulate their interest and motivation in day-to-day life, using social and non-social means. She is interested in how this process might differ as a function of person characteristics (such as gender) and across the life span, and in the applications of this work to selection of and persistence in math and science careers and to online learning. She is a Fellow of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, and has served on the editorial boards of a number of journals in... More About Author

Carolyn C. Morf

Abigail T Panter

Koen Lamberts

Rob Goldstone

Michael Hogg

Michael Hogg is Professor of Social Psychology at Claremont Graduate University. He is also an Honorary Professor of Psychology at the University of Kent and the University of Queensland. His research focuses on social identity processes within and between large and small groups, and he has published widely on topics including intergroup relations, group cohesion, leadership, group motivations, and conformity processes. Professor Hogg is co-editor of the journal Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, an associate editor of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Senior Consulting Editor for the SAGE Social Psychology Program.... More About Author

Joel M. Cooper

Joel M. Cooper is the owner/CEO at Red Scientific, Inc. He received a PhD in cognition and neural science in 2010 from the University of Utah. More About Author

Stephen R Sutton

Stephen Sutton is Professor of Behavioural Science in the Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge, and Director of Research and Head of the Behavioural Science Group in the General Practice & Primary Care Research Unit. He is also Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway, and Visiting Professor of Social/Health Psychology at University College London.... More About Author

Andrew S. Baum