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The Principal's Guide to Managing School Personnel

The Principal's Guide to Managing School Personnel

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March 2013 | 216 pages | Corwin
This book offers practicing and aspiring school principals guidance on the relevant skills, specialized knowledge, and overall expertise associated with human resources administration - specifically, practical insights as related to effectively working with school personnel. The authors tie this important work to the ISLLC and ELCC standards and illustrate relevant and practical personnel procedures through the analysis of real school-based events and instructional vignettes. Readers will find reflective exercises in each chapter and are encouraged to analyze what is happening in their own schools using the authors' frameworks.
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1. Personnel and the National Standards
ISLLC Standards and Personnel  
Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards  
Final Thought  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Application  
2. Personnel and School Culture
Culture and Climate  
Shaping Culture for the Common Good  
11 Ten Most Wanted Strategies for Shaping School Culture  
Quarter Till Eleven  
Final Thought  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Application  
Other Resources  
3. Personnel and the Principal
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction  
The Effective School Leader and Personnel Relationship  
The Principled Personnel Model  
Leadership Traits Essential to Working Effectively With School Personnel  
The Administration and Supervision of School Personnel  
Final Thoughts  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Application  
Other Resources  
4. Personnel and Communication
Basics of Communication  
The Completed Personnel Success Model  
The Principled Personnel Model and Communication  
Effective Communication Behaviors  
Final Thoughts  
One More Final Thought  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Applications  
Other Resources  
5. Personnel and Conflict Resolution
Who Made You Boss?  
Effective School Leadership in the Midst of Conflict  
The Principal’s Peace Primer  
Final Thoughts  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Application  
6. Personnel and Recruitment and Selection
Finding Mr. or Ms. Right  
Recruitment of Personnel  
Selection of Personnel  
Leading by Interviewing  
Final Thoughts  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Application  
Other Resources  
7. Personnel and Induction and Mentoring Programs
How Principals Fail Personnel  
The Induction and Mentoring of Personnel  
Final Thoughts  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Application  
8. Personnel and Adverse Situations
No Rules – No Worries  
Leading Personnel Is Hard Work  
Proactive and Corrective Actions  
Performance Expectations  
School Policies, Procedures, and Administrative Regulations  
Documentation of Personnel  
Due Process  
Guidelines for Working With Personnel in Need of Assistance  
Controversial Personnel Issues  
The Supervision of Marginal Employees  
Causes for Termination  
Union-Management Relationships  
Contracts for Public School Employees  
Final Thoughts  
Discussion Questions  
Case Study Application  
Other Resources  
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"This book serves as a valuable tool for districts seeking to enhance the skill level of their principals and would be ideal for professional development. I would have greatly welcomed a book of this nature when I was a principal."

Carolyn Banks, Regional Director of Teacher Education
University of La Verne

"An excellent tool for aspiring principals as well as those who find it uplifting to be reassured that they are doing the right thing."

Gerard Dery, Principal
Nessacus Regional Middle School, Dalton, MA

"Demonstrates the importance of the principal in personnel issues and provides thoughtful and well-researched suggestions, formats, behaviors, and ideas for dealing with the management, leadership, selection, induction, retention, and dismissal of employees. The chapters on conflict and adverse situations are of particular help."

Rosemarie Young, Principal
Watson Lane Elementary School, Louisville, KY

“The book does a wonderful job of taking the research about personnel management and translating it into practice for aspiring and current school leaders.”

Patricia M. Richardson, Professor of Practice
University of Maryland

"Principals, superintendents, district-level leaders, school board members, and human resource directors would all benefit from this book. The material and concepts presented are germane to today’s leadership challenges. The personnel function is more than hiring and firing, it is the heart and soul of schools and a critical factor that directly relates to student achievement."

Boyd Dressler, Professor
Montana State University

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Richard Dwane Sorenson

Learn more about Richard Sorenson's PD offeringsRichard D. Sorenson, Professor Emeritus, is the former department chairperson of the Educational Leadership and Foundations Department at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He also served as the director of the Principal Preparation Program. He earned his doctorate from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi in educational leadership. Dr. Sorenson served public schools for 25 years as a social studies teacher, principal, and associate superintendent for human resources. Dr. Sorenson continues to work with graduate students at UTEP teaching school-based budgeting and school... More About Author

Lloyd Milton Goldsmith

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