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The Presidency and Domestic Policy

The Presidency and Domestic Policy
Comparing Leadership Styles, FDR to Clinton

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383 pages | CQ Press
Each president brings to the White House a distinct set of personal characteristics and a preferred leadership style, but just how much have individual presidents shaped domestic policy? To understand and assess what factors determine one president's success and another's limited accomplishments, it is important to examine both the individual's leadership roles and the circumstances which shape their opportunities for success. This new book systematically examines the first terms of every president from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to William Jefferson Clinton and assesses the leadership style, the policy agenda, and the &BAD:quot;political opportunity&BAD:quot; of each. Each president's success in effecting landmark legislation and other policy change is measured and evaluated.William W. Lammers and Michael A. Genovese look at how different levels of opportunity affect leadership and how each president played the political hands he was dealt. By dividing presidents along opportunity lines, Lammers and Genovese assess how skillful each president was in the art of presidential leadership, what strategies and tactics they employed to achieve their goals, and the policy legacies left by each.

An excellent resource for scholars and students of the US presidency.

Mr James Bilsland
Department of Politics, Newcastle University
September 6, 2012

William W. Lammers

Michael A. Genovese

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