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The Practice of Making Strategy

The Practice of Making Strategy
A Step-by-Step Guide

First Edition

September 2004 | 264 pages | SAGE Response
The Practice of Making Strategy is a highly practical book that takes the student as well as the practitioner through the process of making strategy with a management team. Based on a wealth of organizational applications in large and small organizations, public and not-for-profit as well as commercial settings, this book presents techniques that can be applied to develop a business model and to manage key strategic issues. The techniques outlined can be used to develop strategies for units, departments and operating companies, as well as for a complete organization.

The book combines powerful theories from the fields of strategic management, social psychology, psychology, operational research, and organizational behaviour. Insightful and simply written, it will be core reading for MBA students and will also be extremely useful for managers and consultants wanting to do their own strategy making.


Getting Started: First Steps-Getting a Team Together

Getting at Beliefs about Possible Strategic Futures: Using Cognitive Mapping to Capture Interview Material

Surfacing and Structuring Strategic Issues in Groups

Case Study: Understand the Issues: Seeking to Make a Major Services Contract Successful

Building up a Distinctive and Realistic Goals System

Case Study: Understanding the Issues: Seeking to Make a Major Services Contract Successful!

Case Study: In Pursuit of a Direction: Clarifying our Goals

Developing a Business Model or Livelihood Scheme: Identifying Distinctiveness and Core Distinctive Competences

Case Study: A Question of Turning Around

Agreeing Strategies: Sustaining the Business Model or Livelihood Scheme and Resolving Key Strategic Issues

Making a Statement of Strategic Intent and Other Aspects of Making Strategy

Managing an Incomplete Process to Achieve Strategic Change

Support 1: Analyzing Cause Maps

Support 2: The Formalities of Mapping

MBA Student Project Case Study

Support 4: Issues in Working with External or Internal Facilitators

Support 5: On the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping for B bv STEVEN KERR

Support 6: Additional Resources




Fran Ackermann

Fran Ackermann is Professor and Head of Department of Management Science at Strathclyde Business School, and an adjunct Professor at Curtin Graduate School of Business. She has written widely, publishing 4 books, over 20 book chapters and 150+ articles (ranging from strategy, stakeholder management, competency mapping to problem structuring, disruption and delay and risk management). She has been an adjunct professor at University of Georgia, Grenoble Business School and Bordeaux Business School. She is a member of the British Academy of Management, the Operational Research Society and is active at the Academy of Management (having served... More About Author

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Ian Brown

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