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The Practical Guide to Special Educational Needs in Inclusive Primary Classrooms

The Practical Guide to Special Educational Needs in Inclusive Primary Classrooms

December 2006 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written for beginning and preservice teachers, this practical and accessible text is an introduction to working with children of a range of abilities in inclusive primary classrooms. Drawing on recent research and innovation strategies for educating students with special educational needs, the authors provide practical examples and tips on how to develop effective teaching and learning in inclusive settings.

This resource covers:

  • Becoming an inclusive teacher
  • Pupils who need special attention
  • Teaching and learning styles
  • Creating inclusive classroom environments
  • Developing teaching teams
  • Learning from pupils


Special Educational Needs as a Concept.
Becoming an Inclusive Teacher
Pupils Giving Cause For Concern
Teaching and Learning Styles
Creating Inclusive Classroom Environments
Creating Inclusive Classroom Teams
Learning From Pupils
Looking Beyond School
Developing Further as a Professional

'This is a clear and consise introduction to teaching pupils experiencing difficulties in learning in mainstream primary schools...the authors provide practical positive guidance for teachers who are being inducted nto the profession'. Senco Update, May 2007

'Although written primarily for NQTs this would be a good source of reference for INSET training of teachers and classroom assistants' - SNIP

A really useful book

Dr Chandrika Devarakonda
School of Education, Chester University
June 1, 2015

This book is a good introduction to the issues that abound regarding Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs.

April 2, 2014

I found this to be a comprehensive book with interesting and appropriate case studies and reflective questions.
Chapter 7 raised much discussion in the group of Initial Teachers and helped to share different perspectives.

Ms Jane Noble
Early years and primary, Institute of Education
February 26, 2014

The chapter entitled Creating Inclusive Classroom Environments will be of particular interest to trainee teachers and the chapter on Looking Beyond School will support students considering the importance of parent partnerships.

Mrs Emma Goto
Department of Teacher Development, university of winchester
October 16, 2013

This is an excellent book that provides rich and useful information on inclusive pedagogies. It draws on contemporary theory and research in order to enable practitioners implement effective strategies to meet the needs of learner diversity in inclusive classrooms.

Dr Anastasia Liasidou
Education , European University of Cyprus
February 14, 2013

This book will provide a clear and easily accessible overview of SEN within schools. I will be recommending that all students refer to this during my lectures.

Dr Colin Howard
Institute of Education, Worcester University
October 4, 2012

This bbok is good for students who wish to specialise in SEN. It covers recent research on SEN in the classroom and covers teaching and learning styles, another hot topic in the study of early yaers.
teaching startagies and practical and refelctive approaches help the student to progress in this field. Lots of useful information on the day to day support needed to provide an inclusive appraoch to SEN children.

Mrs Helen Middleton
Caring, Cardiff and Vale College
July 17, 2012

Sample Materials & Chapters


Richard Rose

Richard Rose is Professor of Inclusive Education and Director of the Centre for Education and Research, University of Northampton. He has previously held teaching posts in several parts of the UK including a time as headteacher. Richard has researched and published extensively in the area of special and inclusive education both in the UK and internationally. He is Director of Project IRIS, a longitudinal study of special needs provision in the Republic of Ireland. Richard works regularly in India and has also conducted research and consultancy in several other countries  including Georgia, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Estonia. More About Author

Marie Howley

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