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The Practical Guide to Primary Classroom Management

The Practical Guide to Primary Classroom Management

  • Rob Barnes - University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

August 2006 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'Seems excellent - I know I would want to use this book' - Helen Bilton, Reading University

'Very relevant and appropriate for all trainees and the content would provide support for the area that the trainees are most concerned with' - Jane Warwick, University of Cambridge

Classroom management is an area of genuine concern to students and NQTs. As there is only basic coverage of classroom management issues on initial training courses, new teachers often find it difficult to cope in busy classroom situations.

This easy-to-read book helps you to select the right strategies for your classroom. The practical advice and points for reflection help you to think about why some strategies work and why others do not, and to decide which ones will work for you.

Chapters include advice on:

o behaviour management

o organizing your classroom

o routines, scripts and 'teacher-talk'

o positive prevention through class rules and targets

o praise, rewards and sanctions

o teacher 'presence'

o coping with difficult students.

Aiming To Be Effective
Learning To Keep Your Cool
Routines, Scripts and 'Teacher-Talk'
Prevention and Cure
Noise Levels, Voice Tone and More Teacher-Talk
Praise, Rewards and Sanctions
Classroom Skills
Coping With Difficult Students
Survival and Practical Organization

'Very relevant and appropriate for all trainee teachers. The content

provides support in an area that causes great concern for beginning

teachers' - Jane Warwick, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

The book is easy to read and written in an accessible style.  I liked the undertone of humour throughout.  There were lots of ‘real life’ examples and vignettes highlighting different ways of dealing with different situations and what the different consequences of each might be.   Remembering back to my (now long ago!) days as a trainee teacher and NQT, I felt that reading this book then would have reassured me that all teachers have good and bad days and face daily challenges in their classrooms and would have given me lots of ideas and strategies to practise and try out.

Claire Thomas

This excellent and supportive guide for teacher-trainees offers a wealth of practical advice. It has specific examples which help students to apply this to their own experience, as well as offering insights in the wider dynamics of situations. A genuinely helpful book that articulates how challenging some situations can be, but helps a trainee teacher to see positive ways to manage their classroom.

Ms Ruth Hunt
CASS School of Education & Communities, University of East London
April 1, 2019

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2: 'Learning To Keep Your Cool'

Rob Barnes

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