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The Power of Data Storytelling

The Power of Data Storytelling

First Edition

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March 2019 | 248 pages | SAGE Response

The first-of-its-kind book on data story telling set in the Indian context by an Indian author.

The Power of Data Storytelling is a book that aims to solve the classic dilemma of—How do I make company data interesting and present it in the form of a great data story for today’s time-crunched professionals. The book focuses on various methods of converting dry facts and figures into interesting characters, events and relaying them in the form of a story to enable company’s decision-making. 

The book covers all data story related aspects—art of storytelling, building, writing and visualizing. The book reflects practical corporate examples from varied fields and how data storytelling enabled the decision-making process. It does not require knowledge of sophisticated tools and introduces new, simple and application-oriented methods at every stage to take data storytelling forward. 

The book has wide application across industries and organizations with data sets that are big and small. It has explanatory written and visual examples at every discussion which makes it less theoretical and more practically applicable.

Introduction: We Are All Storytellers
Stories Bring Data to Life
The Essence of Data Storytelling
Getting to the Core
Planning Is Everything
The Quick-Fix
Making Good Stories Great!
Writer to Storyteller
Use Visuals to Your Advantage
The Final Act
In Closing

‘Visualization’ and ‘intelligence’ are what set this book apart. The Power of Data Storytelling will make you think differently about the way you present arguments and the usage of data in those discussions.

Siddhartha Rastogi,
Managing Director, Ambit Capital

‘If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten’. Kipling’s quote holds equally true for data. Stories leave a powerful impact, which is not possible with data alone. Very often, teams struggle to connect the dots in understanding valuable insights behind data and have a hard time in making critical data-based decisions. This can be solved if loose-hanging valuable data gets a shape. This book tells us exactly how we can make data more meaningful with the power of data storytelling. A must-read for all corporate professionals.

Bhawna Agarwal,
CEO, Serial Entrepreneur; Advisor to VCs

Sejal has impressively encapsulated the ‘art and science of data storytelling’. This book is a handy guide for professionals across industries and experience levels to effectively communicate their views to their audience, who often have a very short attention span.

Jitendra Gohil,
CFA, Head of Equity Research at a leading multinational bank

The simple yet powerful concepts discussed in this book will help put your thoughts and data in a compelling and impactful manner. Through this book, you will learn a structured approach to organize thoughts, data and analysis, which will change the way one communicates with data.

Nachiket Naik,
Managing Director, IREP Credit Capital

“A great story on the concept and principles of Data Storytelling. An absolute must in the exponential and explosive, current and future world of the Data Big Bang!”

Dr Vikas V Gupta,
CEO and Chief Investment Strategist, Omniscience Capital

Data presentations are less about data and more about the meaning behind the data. Sejal introduces simple and practically applicable writing and visualization nuances that help bring out the data insight to make your reports and presentations much more impactful. A beginner or an experienced professional will find something new to take away from this book. 

Siddharth Ladsariya,
Angel Investor, Director, Everest Flavours Ltd; Founder, Young Volunteer’s Organization

Sejal Vora

Sejal Vora helps organizations communicate effectively with data. Her well-appreciated training workshops enable organizations to give a facelift to all forms of data communications by inculcating a data-storytelling culture. Her workshops garner strong interest from both individuals and large MNCs across financial and non-financial sectors.Her data-storytelling talent displays a unique combination of skill sets, including analytical thinking, storytelling, visualization and writing, developed over the last 15 years through her strong education and experience.An analyst at heart, Sejal has been... More About Author

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