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The Politics of Postmodernity

The Politics of Postmodernity
An Introduction to Contemporary Politics and Culture

May 1999 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What happens to politics in the postmodern condition? The Politics of Postmodernity is a political tour de force that addresses this key contemporary question.

Politics in postmodernity is carefully contextualized by relating its specific sphere - the polity - to those of the economic, social, technological and cultural. The authors confront globalization and the notion of postmodernity as disorganized capitalism. They analyze the role of the mass media, the changing ways in which politics is used, the role of the state and the progressive potential of politics in postmodern times. Closing with a postscript on the future of the discipline of political science, this book offers a profound yet highly accessible account of how politics is undergoing a shift from the modern to the postmodern.

The Languages of Postmodernism
Mass Media, Postmodernity and Everyday Life
The Postmodern Self
Lifestyle in Postmodernity
Values, New Politics and New Social Movements
The New State, Transnationalism and the International Order
Postmodern Political Futures

John R Gibbins

Bo Reimer

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ISBN: 9780761952237

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