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The Politics of Crime Control

The Politics of Crime Control

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October 1991 | 238 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
How exactly does one define crime, crime prevention, and control? Who defines the acts labeled criminal? Who devises the sanctions, and who acts as agents of social control? These and other thought- provoking questions are raised in The Politics of Crime Control. A group of leading international criminologists from all over the political sphere play a key role in defining these terms. They examine the formation and implementation of official crime prevention and control policies, explore a range of critical perspectives which define crime, and discuss proposals for its prevention and control. Challenging and accessibly-written, The Politics of Crime Control will be excellent reading for students and professionals of criminology, social work, probation, police studies, and youth work. "This is a most useful collection of disparate ideas about crime control from an international group of authors. Credit must go to the editors for bringing such a wide range of political analyses of crime together." --British Sociological Association Newsletter "It is a powerful and useful collection, not just in terms of the platform it gives to criminologists of markedly different persuasions simply to spell out their agendas for the 1990s and beyond, and the intellectual responsibility it places directly on the reader to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of these different positions. . . . This is a refreshing and highly stimulating contribution to criminological debate." --The Howard Journal "This book brings together the work of leading international criminologists from all sides of the political spectrum and from different countries. . . .The editors are teachers of criminology, the contributors are academics in different British, American, Canadian and Dutch Universities. The essays are of particular contemporary interest." --International Review of Administrative Services "An effective attack. . . . Stenson's superb introductory essay situates the debates of criminology and criminal justice policy in a Foucaultian view of knowledge as a variable product of contending "power circuits." --Contemporary Sociology
Kevin Stenson
Making Sense of Crime Control
The Politics of Crime
The American Experience

A Debate Between Elliot Currie and James Q Wilson

John Bright
Crime Prevention
The British Experience

Michael King
The Political Construction of Crime Prevention
A Contrast Between the French and British Experience

Neil Boyd and John Lowman
The Politics of Prostitution and Drug Control
Chris R Tame
Freedom, Responsibility and Justice
The Criminology of the `New Right'

Jock Young
Left Realism and the Priorities of Crime Control
Phil Scraton and Kathryn Chadwick
The Theoretical and Political Priorities of Critical Criminology
Jill Radford and Elizabeth A Stanko
Violence Against Women and Children
The Contradictions of Crime Control under Patriarchy

Willem de Haan
Abolitionism and Crime Control
A Contradiction in Terms


Kevin Martin Stenson

Dave Cowell

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