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The PBIS Tier Three Handbook

The PBIS Tier Three Handbook
A Practical Guide to Implementing Individualized Interventions

First Edition

May 2018 | 144 pages | Corwin

Help students with the toughest behavior challenges 

Round out your school’s PBIS system with this comprehensive guide! You’ve already established school-wide behavior systems and developed solutions for at-risk students—now you’ll implement effective interventions for students with the most challenging behavior needs. 

Like companion volumes The PBIS Tier One Handbook and The PBIS Tier Two Handbook, this interactive resource takes you step by step through the implementation of intensive interventions within a multi-tiered system of support. Filled with practical examples, case scenarios, and rubrics, this book helps teams

  • Identify students in need of Tier Three support
  • Create procedures and protocols for students in both general education and special education
  • Develop individualized interventions based on student needs and data 

Students needing Tier Three help are few in number, but they can have the biggest impact on individual classrooms and school culture. By providing the intensive interventions students need in a systematic, thoughtful manner, you can improve outcomes for all students. 

About the Authors
Before You Begin: How to Use The PBIS Tier Three Handbook
Part I: Overview
1. The PBIS Champion Model
2. The What and Why of a PBIS Tier 3 System
Part II: The PBIS Tier Three Handbook
3. Getting Started With Category A—Tier 3 Markers
4. Getting Started With Category B—Tier 3 Characteristics
5. Getting Started With Category C—Tier 3 Academic and Behavior SMART Goals and the Work of the PBIS Tier 3 Sub-Team
6. Tier 3 Lessons Learned, Case Studies, and Bringing It All Together
Part III: What Next?
7. Next Steps and Tips for Success

This series of books are a must-have for schools looking to strengthen their PBIS framework. They provide the essential tools and innovative ideas for building a positive school culture with strong levels of support for ALL students.

Lydia R. Martinez
Parlier Unified School District, CA

This handbook is user friendly with templates that are well-organized and ready to go. Administrators can spend time personalizing them rather than starting from scratch and missing key components. Highly recommend purchasing this handbook for your entire administrative team.

Lisa Gonzalez, President, Association of California School Administrators
Dublin Unified School District, CA

As educators, we often speak about giving students second chances; The PBIS Tier 3 Handbook puts these words into action.

Karl Kesterke
Sanger Unified School District, CA

The PBIS Tier Three Handbook: A Practice Guide to Implementing Individualized Interventions documents a relatively small community of special needs students whose requirement for 'tier three' support holds a major impact on others in the classroom. It offers teachers an approach to the concept and implementation of individualized interventions for this group, showing how to identify such needs, how to blend them into special needs groups and general classroom structures and objectives, and how to take actions to establish a Tier 3 environment. Many pages assume a workbook-style format with fill-in questionnaires and notes teachers can make directly into the book, while others outline red flags, typical assessment routines, and the elements and strategies of a Tier 3 environment. No educator's collection should be without this specific, important manual to classroom interventions and success. 

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief & Diane Donovan, Editor
Midwest Book Review

Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan

Dr. Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership Department at California State University, Fresno. She works with schools and districts throughout the nation on designing and implementing effective behavior systems. Dr. Hannigan has a background in special education and student support services as well as experience with district level administration and higher education research. Jessica has developed inclusive research based best practices around systematic implementation of behavior initiatives. Dr. Hannigan is the co-author of multiple educational books such as The PBIS Tier One Handbook, The... More About Author

John E. Hannigan

Dr. John Hannigan has served in education for over 20 years as a teacher, instructional coach, principal, and county office leadership coach. John is a sought-after consultant who works with schools and districts across North America on designing and implementing systematic multi-tiered systems of support for both academics and behavior. Dr. Hannigan holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from California State University, Fresno. As principal of Reagan Elementary in California's Sanger Unified School District, John played a key role in the school earning California State Distinguished School, California Title I Academic... More About Author

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