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The Obama Presidency

The Obama Presidency
Appraisals and Prospects

First Edition
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July 2011 | 368 pages | CQ Press
In the latest volume in this classic series, Rockman, Rudalevige, and Campbell once again bring together top-notch scholars, this time to take a comprehensive look at the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency. Assessing Obama's political strategy, as well as his administration's successes and setbacks, chapter authors critically examine a presidency marked by continued partisanship, major policy battles, and continued global turmoil.
Bert A. Rockman and Andrew Rudalevige
Preface and Overview
Joel D. Aberbach
"Change We Can Believe In" Meets Reality
George C. Edwards III
Strategic Assessments: Evaluating Opportunities and Strategies in the Obama Presidency
James E. Campbell
Political Forces on the Obama Presidency: From Election '08 to Governing
Gary C. Jacobson
Public Opinion and the Presidency: The Obama and Anti-Obama Coalitions
Diane J. Heith
Obama and the Public Presidency: What Got You Here Won't Get You There
Lawrence R. Jacobs
The Privileges of Access: Interest Groups and the White House
Andrew Rudalevige
Rivals, or a Team? Staff and IIssue Management in the Obama Administration
Barbara Sinclair
Obama and the 111th Congress: Doing Big Things
David A. Yalof
Obama and the Law: Judicial Restraint at the Crossroads
Christopher H. Foreman, Jr.
Ambition, Necessity, and Polarization in the Obama Domestic Agenda
Robert Singh
Continuity and Change in Obama's Foreign Policy
M. Stephen Weatherford
Economic Crisis and Political Change: A New New Deal?
Bert A. Rockman, Colin Campbell and Eric N. Waltenburg
Concluding Thoughts: President, Person, and System

I consider this an indispensable text for my course on the
American Presidency. The contributing scholars are experts in their
field and their contributions are accessible to both undergraduate and
graduate students. Best of all, the text provides a timely scholarly
analysis of the current President and places his performance in a
context that allows for analysis and comparison with previous

Carole Kennedy
San Diego State University

Bert A. Rockman

Bert A. Rockman is currently professor of political science and department head at Purdue University. His books include The Leadership Question, which was awarded the Richard E. Neustadt Prize. He also has been a recipient Herbert A. Simon Award. More About Author

Andrew C. Rudalevige

Andrew Rudalevige is the Thomas Brackett Reed professor of government at BowdoinCollege and former chair of the American Political Science Association’s Presidentsand Executive Politics section; in 2023-2024 he is a visiting professor at the LondonSchool of Economics. He holds a PhD from Harvard University and won the RichardE. Neustadt Prize from the American Political Science Association for best book on theU.S. presidency in 2003 and 2022, as well as the 2022 Louis Brownlow Prize from theNational Academy of Public Administration. His books include By Executive Order,Managing the President’s Program, The New Imperial Presidency: Renewing... More About Author

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is Canada Research Chair in U.S. Government and Politics at the University of British Columbia. Previously, he was university professor of public policy at Georgetown University. He has published nine books, three of which have won awards. More About Author

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