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The New Sales Manager

The New Sales Manager
Challenges for the 21st Century

Second Edition
  • Walter Vieira - Former chairman, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

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August 2007 | 204 pages | SAGE Response
The second edition of The New Sales Manager is an enormously useful book that provides practical advice and a sound foundation in sales management to young managers. It is also an interesting, quick revision for senior sales managers who want to revisit the theory of sales management, in a painless, and perhaps, entertaining way.

Covering the entire range of functions of a sales manager, the book has been thoroughly revised and includes plenty of illustrations, Real-life anecdotes and caselets to match the changes in the business environment.
The Trauma of Promotion
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Serious Deficiencies of Salesmen
A Difficult and Challenging Job
Top Problems in Sales Force Management
Qualities Liked and Disliked
Attributes for Success
Managing the Job
Managing Time
Key Role in Corporate Planning
The Planning Process
Selecting and Recruiting Salesmen
Focused Salesmen Training
Planning the Itinerary
Effective Communication
Beyond Words
Written Reports
Make Meetings Work
Morale and Motivation
Effective Controls
Appraising And Developing Salesmen
Discussing The Appraisal
The Salesman Who Won't Improve
Common Errors
A Focus on Ethics
Values and the Sales Manager
Age of Networking and Cooperation
The Sales Manager in the 21st Century
Ten Commandments

Providing practical advice and a sound foundation in sales management, the book helps sales managers revisit the theory of sales management in a simple, entertaining manner with the help of illustrations and real-life anecdotes.

The Asian Age

A handy book, it is not limited to a purely western setting. With broken down narratives that are designed like short letters, there is a visual element that comes from cartoons and a design format for someone who may not be into reading lengthy passages. It also has typical examples drawn from small town Indian settings.

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Walter Vieira

Walter Vieira (certified management consultant or CMC) was among the first to be elected a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants of India (FIMC); and also the first to start a marketing consulting company— MAS—in 1975, in Mumbai, India, after a 14-year successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, with Glaxo, Warner and Boots. In a span of over 40 years, Walter has worked with many of the largest companies in India—both multinationals and Indian—which have been family-managed or corporates. MAS offers consulting in marketing strategy, and selection and training of marketing personnel in... More About Author

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