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The Net Effect

The Net Effect
The Limits of Digital Freedom

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March 2011 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This issue of Index on Censorship magazine is available for purchase as an individual volume.

Free speech and protest around the world has been transformed by the digital revolution. Index hears from the grassroots activists, pioneering journalists and frontline bloggers who depend on new media to get the message out – and assesses its impact.

Index on Censorship is an award-winning magazine, devoted to protecting and promoting free expression. International in outlook, outspoken in comment, Index on Censorship reports on free expression violations around the world, publishes banned writing and shines a light on vital free expression issues through original, challenging and intelligent commentary and analysis, publishing some of the world's finest writers. Each issue is available for purchase separately, as well as on subscription.
Jo Glanville
Kamila Shamsie
Speak No Evil
Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws Are a Tool for Persecution

Charles Young
Do Not Disturb
The Trouble with Malta and Censorship

David L Sobel
The Urge to Classify
Wikileaks, Obama and Transparency

Salawa Ismail
Days of Anger
The Uprising in Egypt Was Not Unexpected

Evgeny Morozov
Taming Cyberspace
The Pressure Is Growing for Greater Surveillance Online

Jillian C York
Tools of Resistance
Egyptians Strike back

Ashraf Khalil
Route to Revolution
Digital Activism Is Now a Way of Life in Egypt

Hu Yong
Crowd Control
China's Microbloggers are Playing a Long Game

Danny O'Brien
Storm in a Haystack
The Cautionary Tale of a Program that Didn't Live up to Its Spin

Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan
Open Secrets
Exposing a Closed World to Scrutiny

Ivan Sigal
Going Local
The Future of Freedom Online

James Kirchick
Surviving Lukashenko
Alternative Media Tactics in Belarus

A Round-up of Technology and Censorship Stories

Jo Glanville

Jo Glanville is Director of English PEN and joined the organization in September 2012 from Index on Censorship, where she served as an award-winning Editor since 2006.  More About Author