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The Media in Europe

The Media in Europe
The Euromedia Handbook

Third Edition
Edited by:

288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This comprehensive, easily accessible book will be a helpful companion to students and researchers alike... [a] superb guide to "The Media in Europe".' - Journal of European Affairs

Completely rewritten, the Third Edition of this successful guide to European media systems has also been expanded to include Central and Eastern Europe as well as Western Europe.

Covering 23 countries, the volume highlights and explains key issues of debate and current tendencies in media policy and provides basic statistics relating to each case study.The chapters are written by an expert from the country concerned. Most of these are members of the Euromedia Research Group, a research collective that has been active for more than 20 years and has produced a series of assessments of media policy developments in Europe.

Denis McQuail
Josef Trappel
Els De Bens
Jan [ac]Cul[ac]ik
Czech Republic
Frands Mortensen
Marina [um]Osterlund-Karinkanta
Jean-Marie Charon
Hans J Kleinsteuber
Stylianos Papathanossopoulos
B[ac]alazs Kiss
Wolfgang Truetzschler
Gianpietro Mazzoleni
Mario Hirsch
Kees Brants
The Netherlands
Helge [sl]Ostbye
Koral Jakubowicz
Manuel Pinto and Helena Sousa
Elena Vartanova
Andrej [ac]Skolkay
Vida Zei
Rosario de Mateo
Olof Hult[ac]en
Werner A Meier
Jeremy Tunstall
United Kingdom

"On the whole, the work presents a wealth of information and analysis that will help in the understanding of major policy issues in single countries and throughout Europe."

L.E. Jorbin
Cleveland State University

This is a good supplemental read but might be a bit too difficult for 1st year students. However, I will recommend it as additional reading for special assignments.

Ms Olga Mitterfellner
Mode Management, Mediadesign Hochschule
August 26, 2015

Mary Kelly

Gianpietro Mazzoleni

Denis McQuail

Denis McQuail (1935-2017) was Emeritus Professor at the School of Communication Research (ASCOR) University of Amsterdam and Visiting Professor in the Department of Politics at the University of Southampton. He studied history and sociology at the University of Oxford and received his Ph.D. from the University of Leeds. He is an Honorary Doctor of the University of Gent. He has published widely in the field of media and communication, with particular reference to audience research, media policy and performance, and political communication. His most recent book publication is McQuail's Media and Mass Communication Theory, 7th edition., SAGE... More About Author

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