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The Media and Cultural Production

The Media and Cultural Production

First Edition
  • Eric Louw - University of Queensland, Australia

229 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Just how powerful are the media? This book offers a fresh and accessible introduction to the relationship between media power and cultural production. By marshalling a range of theoretical perspectives from political economy and cultural studies, The Media and Cultural Production invites the reader to analyze the relationship between the making of meaning, political, economic and social power and the machinery of cultural production – the media. The Media and Cultural Production: critically examines the notion of the "cultural industries"; examines the regulatory framework in which the cultural industries operate; looks at the impact of globalization on cultural production; and explores the way in which meaning is both produced and contested. The book demonstrates how concepts in communication and cultural studies can be mobilized to analyze cultural production in a range of contexts.
The Struggle for Power and the Struggle for Meaning
Sites for Making Meaning I
The Culture Industry

Sites for Making Meaning II
The Regulatory Framework

Sites for Making Meaning III
Commercialization and the `Death of the Public Sphere'

Striving for Discursive Closure
The Struggle for Hegemony

Moving to an Informational Economy
The New Rules of the Power Game in Global Network Capitalism

Circulating Meaning I
Making News

Circulating Meaning II
The Public Relations-izing of War

Circulating Meaning III
Making Sense of Distant Places

The Limits of Power
Resisting Dominant Meanings


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Eric Louw

Eric Louw, School of Communication & Arts, University of Queensland, previously worked for a number of South African universities (University of South Africa, University of Natal and Rand Afrikaans University), and ran a NGO engaged in development work.His books include: Media and Society: production, content and participation (SAGE, 2015), The Media and Political Process (SAGE, 2010), The Media and Cultural Production (SAGE, 2001), The Roots of the Pax Americana (MUP, 2010), New Voices Over the Air: The Transformation of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (Hampton Press, 2010), South... More About Author

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