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The Management of Tourism

The Management of Tourism

First Edition
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November 2004 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Management of Tourism considers and applies management concepts, philosophies and practices to the business of tourism. The book goes beyond a conceptual discussion of tourism, to cover management perspectives both in operational and strategic terms. It has been written to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental business management aspects of tourism, together with the specific techniques required for successful management of the variety of tourism businesses.

The text places the management of tourism in a structured framework, ordered around four principal themes:

- Managing the Tourism System

- Managing Tourism Businesses

- Managing Tourism in its Environment

- Contemporary Issues in Tourism Management

Each chapter is written by an acknowledged subject specialist, and highlights current challenges and appropriate management responses to its particular arena. At the same time, each chapter also includes an illustrative case study, and provides suggestions for further reading that offers a more general perspective.

Lesley Pender
Richard Sharpley
The Accommodation Sector: Managing for Quality
Keith G Debbage
Airlines, Airports and International Aviation
Sandra Gountas
Tour Operations Management
Lesley Pender
Managing Tourism Distribution
Tom Baum and Jithendran Kokkranikal
Human Resource Management in Tourism
Jackie Clark
Marketing Management for Tourism
John Tribe
Strategy for Tourism
Tony Blackwood
Managing Finance for Tourism
David Grant and Richard Sharpley
The Law and Tourism
Richard Sharpley and Lesley Roberts
Managing Urban Tourism
Richard Sharpley
Managing the Countryside for Tourism
A Governance Perspective

David J Telfer
Managing Tourism for Development
Chris Ryan
Site and Visitor Management at Natural Attractions
C Michael Hall
The Role of Government in the Management of Tourism
The Public Sector and Tourism Policies

Dimitrios Buhalis
Information and Communication Technologies for Tourism
Chris Ryan
Destination Marketing and Technology
The Case of Web Based Data Mining

Richard Sharpley
Tourism and the Environment
Richard Sharpley
International Tourism
The Management of Crisis

Harold Goodwin and Lesley Pender
Ethics in Tourism Management
Frank Go, Ronald M Lee and Antonio Paolo Russo
Managing the Heritage Enterprise for Liveable Host Communities

There exist many reference books on tourism management to which this one, unfortunately, does not really have differences. Even though the book gives a very good overview on the basics of tourism management, some deeper insights would have been great.

Mr Stephan Reichelt
Economics , Technical University of Dresden
July 4, 2016

This textbook provides a clear and insightful description on the key aspects of tourism which require management. It is a well written and easy to follow resource guide.

Ms Kelly Maguire
Business and Humanities, Sligo Institute of Technology
February 24, 2016

This is a book that covers a broad range of the essential concepts in tourism management. The objectives at the beginning of each chapter are very useful.

The book is not adopted as it has central focus on tourism in the US and UK. We need a more international focus. It is also a bit outdated (2004)

Ms Claire Forder
Valby, Copenhagen Business Academy
February 18, 2014

The book provides a useful addition to the recommended reading list for the module.

Dr Peter Whalley
Fac of Organisation & Management, Sheffield Hallam University
December 12, 2012

Good balance between practical and theory. Good critical insight and most arguments are logically reviewed

Mr Lloydon Alleyne
Marketing and PR, Leeds Metropolitan University
March 22, 2011

Theory clearly explained; however, examples now dated. Useful to get back data though!

Mrs Claire Bereziat
Moffat Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University
October 11, 2010

Lesley Pender

Richard Sharpley

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