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The Management of Innovation and Technology

The Management of Innovation and Technology
The Shaping of Technology and Institutions of the Market Economy

304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book analyzes a range of social contexts in which human decisions shape technology in the market economy. It comprises a critical review of both a select research literature and in-depth historical studies. Material is drawn from many social science disciplines to inform the reader of the reality of taking decisions on innovation.

The chapters cover:

  • The social context for individual acts of creative insight
  • The development of the technology-market relationship
  • The management of R&D and technological standards
  • Technological competition
  • The role of institutions of finance in innovation
  • The reciprocal relationship between intellectual property law and technological innovation
  • The role of technological skills and regimes of technological education in innovation
  • An introduction to the role of the state in maintaining the innovative capacity of the private sector


Technological Innovation
Invention, Science, R&D and Concepts of Use and Market
Patterns in Technological Development and the Creation of Technological Standards
Competition and Innovation as Substitution Threat
Intellectual Property Law and Innovation
Finance - Techniques, Institutions and Innovation
Innovation and the Organisation of Technical Expertise and Work
The State and the Management of Technology

In our course "International Innovation Management" (bachelor, 4th semester), we were unable to find just one textbook that fit all our requirements and had to use an eclectic collection of texts. We used The Management of Innovation and Technology mainly for its extensive case studies.

Mr Moritz Botts
Faculty of Business Admin and Economic, Viadrina European University
September 19, 2012

Part of several chapters are related to some of the key topics in the MSc course.

Dr Alfonso Avila-Merino
Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia
September 4, 2012

Sample Materials & Chapters

Pdf file of Chapter 1

Pdf file of Chapter 2

John Howells

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