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The Male Heterosexual

The Male Heterosexual
Lust in His Loins, Sin in His Soul?

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Men's Studies

December 1996 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With the erosion in western society of the traditional code of masculinity and a move towards more balanced gender roles, male heterosexual development now faces a challenge.

The Male Heterosexual explores biological, developmental psychological, sociocultural and historical perspectives of male sexuality. Larry A Morris deals with a range of issues surrounding male sexual development in a skilful and humorous manner. He concludes with a formula for cultivating healthy male sexuality.

Ronald F Levant
A Sexual Gender Journey
The Itinerary

Biological Beginnings
Genes and Juices

Developmental Milestones
Sexuality throughout the Life Cycle

Sociocultural Variables
Messages from the Underground

Sexual Heroes
Birth of Superpenis

Fallen Heroes
Superpenis Meets Kryptonite

Not for Women Only
Personal Sexual Victimization

Last Dance
Dancing the Dangerous Dance with Disease

The New Warrior
Sex at the Beat of a Drum?

Achieving True Manhood
Reconstructing Male Sexuality


Larry A. Morris

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