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The Little Book of Big Customer Satisfaction Measurement

The Little Book of Big Customer Satisfaction Measurement

First Edition
  • Ajit Rao - Executive Director and Global Leader of Customer Experience, Nielsen Company
  • Subhash Chandra - Director-Client Services, Nielsen Company, India

November 2012 | 180 pages | SAGE Response
The financial benefits accruing from improvements in customer satisfaction are so significant that customer satisfaction measurement has become an important business need. The results of customer satisfaction measurement often form a key basis for improving service quality and are often linked to pay and bonuses. It is therefore imperative for CEOs and senior managers to understand the principles behind customer satisfaction measurement.

This book works in that direction by explaining the principles of customer satisfaction in a brief yet powerful manner. It will help the readers build relevant and actionable customer satisfaction programs for their organization.

The book begins by going over the concepts of customer satisfaction measurement. It then dwells on the various kinds of tools available to organizations to capture customer satisfaction. Further, the book also deals with two major aspects with which many organizations are trying to come to grips: (a) How do we align/link brand research with customer satisfaction research? (b) How do we connect survey research with internal databases to generate great insights for organizations? The book also discusses how the entire data from such programs can be made very actionable using simple techniques.

The principles and ideas mentioned in this book come from the authors' combined experience of nearly 40 years of working with clients in a variety of sectors and industries.



The Basic Truths of Customer Satisfaction

The Measurement Tools

Converging Brand and the Customer

The Loyalty Convergence

NPS: Is It the Ultimate Question?

Benchmarking and Normative Databases

Implementing the Survey Findings




This book stands out as it explains the subject of customer satisfaction in the most simple way. This book can be adopted by practitioners as a toolkit to create increased shareholder value and profits for all the stakeholders involved. Hence, this is a practical handbook for all marketing professionals and CEOs…The book follows an easy and conversational style that makes it a suitable…[and] a must read for anybody who is in the  customer service, research, relationship management, customer engagement and marketing domain.


The book provides good understanding of customer satisfaction concepts, and I believe that it has accomplished its objective.

Rick Kash
Vice Chairman, The Nielsen Company
Coauthor, with David Calhoun, CEO & Chairman—The Nielsen Company of the book How Companies Win

The authors build a compelling case to look at customer satisfaction in a holistic manner and linking it to business success.

Devinder Kishore
Vice President, Marketing Services and Retail, Nokia

Read at leisure, move to the next chapter only after you have considered how you can implement what you have read in your business.

Harit Nagpal
CEO, Tata Sky

Ajit Rao

Ajit Rao leads the Customer Experience domain for The Nielsen Company across the globe. He has extensive experience in the measurement and management of customer experience and loyalty. He worked with Gallup and IMRB (Kantar group) prior to joining Nielsen in 2010. He has close to 25 years of experience. After an initial stint in marketing and advertising, he has spent the last 20+years understanding service quality. He has worked with organizations in a wide range of sectors including telecom, retail, banking & insurance, hospitality, FMCG, and B2B. He has wide experience in the measurement and management of all the key stakeholders... More About Author

Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra is Director—Client Services, and head of the Finance and IT Industry Practice Groups at The Nielsen Company in India. Subhash has more than 15 years of experience and is well reputed in the domain of customer satisfaction, having worked on programs with some of the finest companies in India and around the world. Earlier, he led the South division of Customer Satisfaction Management & Measurement (CSMM), which is a specialist unit of IMRB focused on customer satisfaction. Subhash is an avid reader and an amateur specialist on American elections. More About Author

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