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The Learning Framework in Number

The Learning Framework in Number
Pedagogical Tools for Assessment and Instruction

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March 2018 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This latest book in the bestselling Mathematics Recovery® series gives mathematics educators a complete research-based framework for assessment, instruction and intervention in whole number arithmetic across grades K to 5. The integrated set of classroom tools includes:
  • Nine carefully designed schedules of assessment tasks
  • Nine models of learning progressions
  • Ten teaching maps that guide the instructional progressions across key topics

The book offers guidance on innovative video-based assessment, and an overview of principles of intervention instruction, giving you an integrated resource for supporting the children you teach.

The Learning Framework in Number
 will be a useful guide for all primary and elementary school classroom teachers and assistants, and specialist teachers, including experienced Mathematics Recovery® instructors. The book will also be of significant interest to teacher educators and researchers.

Chapter 1: The Learning Framework in Number
Chapter 2: Approach to Assessment
Chapter 3: Assessment Schedules
Chapter 4: Models of Learning Progressions
Chapter 5: Approach to Intervention Instruction
Chapter 6: Teaching Charts


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Math Recovery® assessment and instruction come together in this comprehensive and accessible resource.  Individuals new to the Math Recovery® series and those well versed in using existing resources will find the expanded models and pedagogical tools an empowering resource for teaching number concepts from kindergarten through grade 5.  Notably, the inclusion of teaching charts support educators in providing targeted and responsive instruction to all students.

Christina Miller
Executive Director, US Math Recovery Council®

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Robert J Wright

Dr Robert J. (Bob) Wright holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics from the University of Queensland (Australia) and a doctoral degree in mathematics education from the University of Georgia. He is an adjunct professor in mathematics education at Southern Cross University in New South Wales. Bob is an inter­nationally recognized leader in assessment and instruction relating to children’s early arithmetical knowledge and strategies, publishing six books, and many articles and papers in this field. His work over the last 25 years has included the development of the Mathematics Recovery Program, which focuses on providing... More About Author

David Ellemor-Collins