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The Leadership Odyssey

The Leadership Odyssey
From Darkness to Light

  • Pritam Singh - CEO, LEAD Centre, Gurgaon
  • Asha Bhandarker - Distinguished Professor of Org Behaviour, IMI-Delhi, International Management Institute, New Delhi, India
  • Snigdha Rai - Assistant Professor, IMI, Delhi
Critical Acclaim

© 2016 | 364 pages | SAGE Response
The Odyssey of Leadership is filled with great uncertainty and is taken by only a few. It takes an exceptional effort to rise from being a good leader to a great leader. This book provides a unique roadmap for leaders and office bearers in all walks of life, aspiring to become great leaders.
Foreword by Jagdish N. Sheth
Peaks and Valleys of Leadership
Toxic Leader Profile
Virtuous Leadership
Leading Consciously: A Road Map for Moving from Toxic to Virtuous Leadership

The book The Leadership Odyssey: From Darkness to Light has shed new light on management style and leadership. Case studies, coupled with interviews with senior business leaders from both private and public sectors and people from various sections of society, provide invaluable insights on the human experience and will greatly help understand what leadership is and how it is practised. I find the book very interesting, well written and contains practical and sound advice with emphasis on self-reflection and holistic understanding of the leader at the physical, intellectual and spiritual levels. I have no doubt this book will not only inspire the readers but will also serve as an important reference book for all aspiring to be virtuous leaders.

Harsh Pati Singhania,
Managing Director, JK Paper Ltd

The Leadership Odyssey: From Darkness to Light is a great book to be read by all those desirous of becoming virtuous leaders. It is a unique work in that it deals with the contours of both toxic and virtuous leaders. It powerfully highlights the road map which can enable toxic leaders to move towards virtuous leadership. Most importantly this book emphasizes the role of holistic leadership to become a virtuous leader and this can only be achieved by encompassing all the core elements—physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual—of leadership.

I.S. Jha,
Chairman, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

The master thought leader Dr Pritam Singh and his co-authors Dr Asha Bhandarker and Dr Snigdha Rai have brought out a unique work that provides a beacon to leaders in all walks of life, on how to move from unconscious conspiracy and lead consciously, governing with conscience and deep empathy for humanity. In my opinion, the book rightly emphasizes the key role of spirituality to become a virtuous leader. The book has been written in a captivating style and brings out various nuances of toxic and virtuous leadership. A must read for leaders and leaders to be, today and tomorrow.

S.K. Acharya, Director (HR),
Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd, Chennai

This is a perfectly timed book to help the world community to address the existing global leadership crisis. The authors have beautifully blended their intellectual depth and rich experience in this work and have provided a simple ‘tool kit’ for us to identify and develop virtuous leaders.

Atul Sobti, Director (Power),
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

This book synthesizes research with narrative about real leaders. The authors have, for the first time in published literature, boldly profiled the dark characteristics of leaders. The toxic characteristics of leaders are vividly narrated for all of us to take serious note of. They have co-held this very well with the virtuous characteristics of leaders. They have chosen to distil both the dark and illuminating characteristics distinctively, as the dominant characteristics in their many protagonists. I am sure, they, while doing this, are also drawing our attention to the presence of both the illuminating and the dark characteristics of leadership, in all of us. All of us, including those the authors have profiled, have both the set of characteristics; while one of these two sets may be dominant. They have left it our choice on which ones, we would want to be dominant and deploy more often, given the consequences, we seek. They make it amply clear that to expect creating illuminating consequences with dominant dark characteristics is delusory. Overall a serious yet enjoyable read, with deep insights, if we choose to reflect about ourselves.

K. Ramkumar,
Executive Director, ICICI Bank Limited

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Pritam Singh

Pritam Singh is currently the CEO of LEAD Centre in Gurgaon. Dr Singh is a thought leader with extraordinary insight. Dr Singh is the author of seven critically acclaimed books, three of which are award winning. He has also published over 60 research papers in various national and international journals. He is a globally sought-after speaker and has addressed various Indian and global audiences, including Chambers of Commerce in various countries, notably, Holland, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, UK, USA, Thailand, Mauritius, Egypt, etc.As an academic administrator, Dr Singh has an unparalleled ... More About Author

Asha Bhandarker

Asha Bhandarker is well known in the field of HR and Leadership Studies in India as a scholar, consultant and researcher. Prior to her current assignment as a Distinguished Professor OB at IMI-Delhi, she was the Raman Munjal Chair Professor of Leadership Studies as well as Dean Research and Consulting at MDI-Gurgaon.She has published 7 books and 40 research papers and cases in peer-reviewed, national and international journals. She was awarded the highly coveted Senior Fulbright Fellowship for research in the United States, where she studied the best business schools and their practices and... More About Author

Snigdha Rai

Snigdha Rai is an Assistant Professor in organizational behaviour at the IMI, New Delhi. She has done her PhD from Banaras Hindu University. She has more than six years of teaching experience in Business Schools. Before joining IMI, she has been a Faculty at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore. Dr Rai’s current research interests include leadership, workplace ethics, scale development and psychometric testing. More About Author

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