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The Law of Possibilities

The Law of Possibilities
How to Get What You Want

First Edition

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February 2018 | 232 pages | SAGE Response

In life there are two roads to choose from—the road of light, filled with happiness and possibilities or the road of darkness, replete with negativity.

This book will inspire you to take valuable steps toward your natural source of power to experience a joyful life; a life path filled with many opportunities.

Read this book to gain a deeper understanding of why things happen the way they do so that you can attract more of the things you want in life and less of the things you don’t want.   

The author herself has trodden the path of change and talks from her own experience as a motivational speaker and coach, as of well as those who have shared their stories with her after applying the law of possibilities in their life. She also gives you practical toolkits so that you can start to act and get your own results.

The Law of Possibilities
The Possibility-­virus and the Possibility-agent
How the Law of Possibilities Works
Humility and Gratitude
Ten Inspiring Possibilities
Taking Action
Five Possibilities for the More Experienced
Why is This Book for You?
A Bit about Everything

If you can dream it, you can do it. This book helps you dream and gives you a toolkit on how to turn those dreams to reality by reprogramming and refreshing your thinking. It helps you in believing in yourselves and making your dreams come alive. This book literally opens up a toolkit of possibilities; all you have to do is to visualize and believe you can do it. I am a product of believing in possibilities and making them happen. This is a must-read book for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and anyone who wishes to achieve anything.

Anurag Batra,
Entrepreneur, Media Mogul, TV Show Host, Author, and Angel Investor

The book The Law of Possibilities is one of the best inspirational books I have come across in the recent past. It suggests how one can create one’s own future by letting worries and fears vanish and fade away. It is possible to realize dreams and to experience joy and happiness. It reinforces the fact “what you give FOCUS, ENERGY, and ATTENTION to becomes a reality” and that “THOUGHT, FAITH, and PRACTICE can change things for the better.” A must read for anyone who wants to make things happen.

H R Mohan,
Past President, Computer Society of India and IEEE Computer Society

The Law of Possibilities will help you transform your life and get results that you thought were simply not possible before. Anne-Mette’s words will help bring a sea change in your life to help you climb the highest mountains and swim across the deepest oceans with ease. 

Saptarshi Roy,
Business Lead (India), InterActive; Former Director, Laureate Higher Education Group and Universitas 21 Global

With The Law of Possibilities, you can achieve what you thought was not possible before. The book will inspire you to become an energized performer and also become a better human being. 

Raja Dasgupta,
Founder and CEO, Studenting Era

The Law of Possibilities is a new law of life that will take you beyond mere survival in this world. It will take you to the zone of performance and help you transform into a new human being. 

Shefali Walia,
CEO, Wetravelsolo

This is a landmark book that will help you make your life beautiful. It will inspire you for greatness. 

Siddharth Jain,
CEO, Discovery Education

The Law of Possibilities is an interesting book that encourages positive thinking by emphasizing the impact of the power of our thoughts on the outcome of our lives. It has the potential to instill confidence and faith in the readers to steer their life towards achieving their aspirations.

Promil Pande,
Former Dean, School of Fashion and Design, GD Goenka University

If you can dream it, you can do it. This book literally opens up a toolkit of possibilities…. This a must read book for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and anyone who wishes to achieve anything.”

Anurag Batra,
Entrepreneur, Media Mogul, TV Show Host, Author, and Angel Investor

Anne Mette Rosting

Anne-Mette Røsting is an intuitive visionary, philanthropist, and a changemaker. With a Masters of Business Administration degree, specializing in marketing and organizational management, she has over 15 years of experience in managing large international companies and mentoring at the Norwegian Business School. She is also a trained practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a technique that focuses on language and the processes that determine our behavior. Anne-Mette has been running her own consultancy, Natural Force, for the past 22 years, through which she coaches and provides guidance to business organizations. Her lecture ... More About Author

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