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The Language of Conflict and Resolution

The Language of Conflict and Resolution

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144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Comprised of a series of lectures sponsored by the National Communication Association and the Smithsonian Associates in Washington DC, this book contains the research of leading communication scholars working on conflict theory and practice.
William F Eadie and Paul E Nelson
Communication and Conflict
A Review and an Agenda for Research

Linda L Putnam
The Language of Opposition
Challenges in Organizational Dispute Resolution

William A Donohue
Resolving Relational Paradox
The Language of Conflict in Relationships

Judy C Pearson
Conflict in Our Intimate Relationships
Mitchell R Hammer
Conflict Negotiation under Crisis Conditions
Tricia S Jones
Emotional Communication in Conflict
Essence and Impact

Donald G Ellis
Language and Civility
The Semantics of Anger


"I found the final two chapters asked excellent questions that, although intended to provide the impetus for further research, encouraged me to evaluate how I view conflict vis-a-vis my cultural background, my perception of intensely emotional situations and how my identity (self-esteem and values) impacts conflict situations. I would recommend this book for those who would like to take up the challenge of furthering the research of the language of conflict and resolution."

mary Lou Schwartzentruber

William F. Eadie

William F. Eadie (Ph.D., Purdue) is Director of the School of Communication at San Diego State University, where he is responsible for leadership of a large program of 2,300 student majors and 125 faculty encompassing all aspects of communication, media, and journalism.  Prior to joining SDSU in 2001, he was Associate Director of the National Communication Association (NCA) in Washington, DC, where he worked with researchers and promoted communication research to a variety of audiences.  His other faculty appointments have been at Ohio University and California State University, Northridge, and he has served as an adjunct of... More About Author

Paul E. Nelson

Hired by NDSU in the year 2000 to chair the Department of Communication and to launch a new doctoral program with my spouse, Dr. Judy C. Pearson, I am now head of the department. I teach undergraduate courses because that is my preference. I have professed and administered at the University of Missouri, Iowa State University, Ohio University, and Virginia Tech, before coming to NDSU. I was Dean of the College of Communication at Ohio University for fifteen years.... More About Author

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