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The Intensive Interaction Handbook

The Intensive Interaction Handbook

Second Edition
Edited by:
  • Dave Hewett - Independent Education Consultant and Author

May 2018 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The only guide you need to read on the Intensive Interaction approach returns for its second edition, this time with its founder, Dave Hewett, as the Editor.

The Intensive Interaction approach has spread around the world and has been hugely influential in developing and teaching communication techniques with individuals who have severe learning difficulties and autism.

This straightforward, no-nonsense handbook contains:

-        2 new chapters: The Intensive Interaction Outcomes Reporter; and Autism and Intensive & Intensive Interaction and more able people;

-        photo stories demonstrating the approach in practice;

-        links to external videos presenting the photo stories in greater depth.

More information on the Intensive Interaction community and approach can be found on dedicated social media pages.

Part I: Human communication and the background to Intensive Interaction
Dave Hewett
Chapter 1: The nature of human communication
Graham Firth & Jules McKim
Chapter 2: Background to Intensive Interaction
Dave Hewett
Chapter 3: How do human beings start learning to communicate?
Part II: Practicalities of doing Intensive Interaction
Dave Hewett
Chapter 4: Preparing for Intensive Interaction
Dave Hewett
Chapter 5: Getting going
Dave Hewett
Chapter 6: Further and continuing progress
Mark Barber
Chapter 7: Recording the activities and maintaining the processes
Julie Calveley
Chapter 8: The Intensive Interaction Outcomes Reporter
Graham Firth & Dave Hewett
Chapter 9: Supporting Intensive Interaction in workplaces
Amandine Mouriére
Chapter 10: Autism and Intensive Interaction & Intensive Interaction with more able people
Tandy Harrison
Chapter 11: Doing Intensive Interaction at home
Part III: Issues, topics and community
Dave Hewett
Chapter 12: Some associated issues and topics
Graham Firth & Jules McKim
Chapter 13: The Intensive Interaction community

- Previous edition was an authored text. This edition is now edited by Dave Hewett, who also writes some of the chapters.

- 2 new chapters:
    - Chapter 8: The Intensive Interaction Outcomes Reporter 
     -  Chapter 10: Autism and Intensive Interaction and Intensive Interaction and more able people

- Signposts to Dave Hewett's social media presence throughout book

- Addition of Photo Stories which will be supported by videos on the Editor's Youtube page

- New case studies and photos

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: The Nature of Human Communication

Dave Hewett

Dr. Dave Hewett has been working in the field of special education for 40 years. He was headteacher at Harperbury Hospital School throughout the 1980s, where he and the team worked on the development of Intensive Interaction, producing the first publications and first research on Intensive Interaction, resulting in his doctorate. With Melanie Nind he produced the first Intensive Interaction book in 1994. Since 1990 he has been an independent consultant, continuing to publish extensively and work on the development and dissemination of the approach. Dave also publishes and gives courses on challenging behaviour issues, though as he... More About Author

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