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The Impatient Manager

The Impatient Manager

First Edition
  • Walter Vieira - Former chairman, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

September 2016 | 200 pages | SAGE Response

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The rules of the corporate world are now dynamic like never before. For managers, the marathon race, starting at the bottom of the pyramid and working their way upto the top in 20–30 years, is no longer a fundamental truth. With executives reaching the corner office in less than 10 years, the workplace and its aspirations have reached a new high. Impatience is now seen as a virtue and this book addresses The Impatient Manager. The book provides strategies for a faster route to corporate success and at the same time provides caution signs that will prevent career crashes in the fast lane. Using his classic engaging, anecdotal technique, the legendary Walter Vieira takes readers through their own success marathon, sprinter style.

A New World for the Young: The Balance Is Changing
Be Positively Impatient: Look, Observe, Study, Implement
Have a Vision: The Big Picture
Be Innovative, Be Different: Understand Consumer Needs
Add Width to Depth: Of Knowledge and Experience
Go Beyond Technology: Add EQ and SQ to the IQ
Build Networks: Most Often You Cannot Do It Alone
Enthusiasm and Perseverance: Twin Engines of Success
Managing Jealousy and Envy: Killers from the Inside
Never Forget Those Who Helped You on the Way Up: A Way to Connect and Care
Key Lessons in Leadership: A Changing Style for a New World
The Corner Office Is Now Sometimes Temporary: So What Next?

Young ambitious people need to read Walter's fascinating book on how to achieve success without waiting [for] 30 years.

Philip Kotler

The author fills his work with many examples and anecdotes to ensure a painless read. [It is] a valuable read to win.

Business Line

This is a book of difference. It tears the mask of management theory, which talks mainly about ‘what should be’, and shows instead ‘what it is’ that really happens in the work-place. It enables on to learn from other’s experiences and not from one’s own mistakes. Walter Vieira uses his enormous experience as a business consultant to present a step-by-step progression of corporate life and to provide lessons for shaping a successful corporate executive. Full of real-life examples and anecdotes, this book will enable managers to relate to, and tackle, everyday problems successfully.

Mid-Day, Delhi

A guide meant for students of management and those working in the corporate sector, in this book the author uses his experience as a business consultant to present the reality, rather than just theoretical wisdom, pertaining to the corporate workplace.

The Tribune

Providing practical advice and a sound foundation in sales management, the book helps sales managers revisit the theory of sales management in a simple, entertaining manner with the help of illustrations and real-life anecdotes.

The Asian Age

A handy book, it is not limited to a purely western setting. With broken down narratives that are designed like short letters, there is a visual element that comes from cartoons and a design format for someone who may not be into reading lengthy passages. It also has typical examples drawn from small town Indian settings.

With his vast experience as a corporate executive and a management consultant, Walter is best equipped to guide a rookie manager to produce his/her best in the corporate environs.


“The book is for young people who are not ready to wait for 25 years in the corner office before making it to the top management…eminently readable and relatable, the book is likely to resonate well with the ‘Oh Yes! Abhi!’ generation who live for the moment and want a short track to success. It is also likely to be a good read for those in middle stages of the career — for getting a renewed boost to their career dreams and aspirations.”

Abhigyan, October-December, 2016

The author fills his work with many examples and anecdotes to ensure a painless read. [It is] a valuable read to win.

Business Line

[It] is a book for those who are not prepared to wait for 25 years of trial and tribulations to get to the corner office. The book provides strategies for a faster route to corporate success and at the same time cautions about the danger areas in the fast lane of career growth… Using his anecdotal techniques, Walter Vieira takes readers through their own success marathon in a sprint. He advises readers to choose optimism instead of pessimism. Book is really a treat for those looking for inspiration.


The Tribune, 16 July 2017

Walter Vieira

Walter Vieira (certified management consultant or CMC) was among the first to be elected a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants of India (FIMC); and also the first to start a marketing consulting company— MAS—in 1975, in Mumbai, India, after a 14-year successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, with Glaxo, Warner and Boots. In a span of over 40 years, Walter has worked with many of the largest companies in India—both multinationals and Indian—which have been family-managed or corporates. MAS offers consulting in marketing strategy, and selection and training of marketing personnel in... More About Author

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