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The Impact of Western Nationalisms

The Impact of Western Nationalisms

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August 1992 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Nationalism lies at the core of the history of the twentieth century. This volume provides a unique insight into the history, and contemporary experience, of modern nationalism, drawing on a wealth of examples from a broad geographical range. The volume is largely drawn from papers which have appeared in the Journal of Contemporary History (volume 26, issue 3/4).
Jehuda Reinharz and George L Mosse
Irving Louis Horowitz
Anti-Modernization, National Character and Social Structure
Gordon A Craig
On the Pleasure of Reading Diplomatic Correspondence
Paul Mendes-Flohr
Rosenzweig and the
A Non-Zionist Alliance  
Martin van Creveld
The Clausewitzian Universe and the Law of War
Richard Breitman
Himmler and the `Terrible Secret' among the Executioners
Leni Yahil
Natonal Pride and Defeat
A Comparison of Danish and German Nationalism
Stanley G Payne  
Nationalism, Regionalism and Micronationalism in Spain
Shlomo Ben-Ami
Basque Nationalism between Archaism and Modernity
Bernard Lewis
Barry Rubin
Pan-Arab Nationalism
The Ideological Dream as Compelling Force
Yaacov Shavit  
The `Glorious Century' or the `Cursed Century'
Europe and the Emergence of Modern Jewish Nationalism  
Billie Melman
Claiming the Nation's Past
The Invention of an Anglo-Saxon Tradition
Zvi Yavetz
An Eyewitness Note  
Reflections on the Romanian Iron Guard
Michael Confino
Solzhenitsyn, the West, and the New Russian Nationalism  
Shlomo Avineri
Marxism and Nationalism
Jehuda Reinharz
European Jewry and the Consolidation of Zionism
George L Mosse
The Jews and the Civic Religion of Nationalism

`The level of the contributions is extremely high, and the book will constitute a valuable source of ideas, information and bibliography for anyone concerned with nationalism or modern Jewish history' - Political Studies

`The 17 essays in this volume represent an impressive tribute.... In fact, the book throughout reflects some of the impressive achievements of contemporary Israeli and Jewish scholarship, notably the essays by Confino on Solzhenitsyn and Russian nationalism and by Zvi Yavetz on the Iron Guard in Romania.' - Jewish Chronicle

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Jehuda Reinharz

George L. Mosse

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