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The Hungry Brain

The Hungry Brain
The Nutrition/Cognition Connection

March 2014 | 168 pages | Corwin
The brain gets fed first! That is an important idea that directly relates to the nutritiongnition connection in schools. As the education community faces the challenges of childhood obesity, malnutrition of the brain, food allergies, disorders of metal metabolism and biochemical imbalances, educators are eager to learn about how to guide students in the care of their bodies, and especially, in the feeding of the brain. Making 'smart' choices for the very hungry brain is the focus of this cutting edge book that provides the busy teacher with vital information on nutrition and behavior. Dr. Marcus develops a rich discussion about three food groups: animal foods, plant foods and junk foods. She explains why breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, provides brain joggers for easy integration into classroom activities, and presents a host of practical strategies for teaching nutrition as part and parcel of a 'learning for a lifetime' curriculum.
1. Where's the Food?
2. Malnutrition of the Brain
3. Not All Fats Are Bad
4. Sugar
5. Not All Foods Are Good: Food Allergies
6. Exercise and the Brain
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"Covers everything from obesity and malnutrition to food allergies, biochemical imbalances, and how 'smart' choices in education and nutrition make for important teaching influences."

California Bookwatch, October 2007

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Susan Marcus Augustine

Susan Marcus, Ph.D., a long-time consultant with Robin Fogarty & Associates and formerly of Roosevelt University, has been in the field of educational consulting for over twenty years. With a rich background in special education, her passion is in nutrition education. Marcus believes that nutrition is often the missing clue to the mystery of why children can't learn and has developed a number of nutrition and behavior programs, including The Hungry Brain. She often addresses issues of the constructivist classroom, including cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, differentiation and integrated curriculum. In addition, she is the... More About Author

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