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The Holocene and The Anthropocene Review package

The Holocene and The Anthropocene Review package

The Holocene journal and The Anthropocene Review journal are sold as a package.

The Holocene is the first journal dedicated to fundamental scientific research on environmental change over the last 10,000 years including past, present and future change on local, regional and global scales. Essential reading - The Holocene covers:

    • Geological, biological and archaeological evidence of recent climate change
    • Interdisciplinary studies of environmental history and prehistory
    • The development of natural and cultural landscapes and ecosystems
    • The prediction of future changes in the environment from the record of the past

2015 Impact Factor: 2.135
2015 Ranking: 64/184 in Geosciences, Multidisciplinary | 22/49 in Geography, Physical
Source: 2015 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2016)

The Holocene publishes 12 issues per year

The Anthropocene Review
, a trans-disciplinary journal issued 3 times per year, brings together peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of research pertaining to the Anthropocene, from earth and environmental sciences, social sciences, material sciences, and humanities. High impact research articles, authoritative and stimulating reviews, and brief ‘perspective’ articles are especially welcome. Its overall aim is to communicate clearly and across a wide range of disciplines and interests, the causes, history, nature and implications of a world in which human activities are integral to the functioning of the Earth System.

The Anthropocene Review publishes 12 issues per year

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