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The Hidden Structure of Violence

The Hidden Structure of Violence
Who Benefits from Global Violence and War

First Edition
  • Marc Pilisuk - Professor Emeritus of Human and Community Development, University of California, Davis
  • Jennifer Achord Rountree - Research Manager, National Indian Child Welfare Association, Portland, Oregon

October 2017 | 364 pages | SAGE Vistaar

Violence often seems to typically reinforce the current order for the benefit of the powerful. The book marshals large amounts of evidence to unearth the costs of direct violence—military preparedness and its social consequences—as well as those of structural violence—poverty and chronic illness. It highlights the role of political and commercial interests that facilitate and perpetuate this violent state of affairs. The book thus presents a stunning view of our violent world and how violence is reproduced daily by those who benefit from it.

1. The Costs of Modern War
2. Killing: War and the Minds of Men
3. The Hidden Structure of Violence
4. People, Farmland, Water, and Narcotics
5. Networks of Power
6. Realpolitik: Strategies and Tactics for Winning
7. Disinformation
8. Values and Habits that Maintain a Violent System
9. The Evolution of Concentrated Corporate Power to Inflict Violence and Injustice: Dangers and Hopes

[…] A rare book … a scholarly work, fully referenced and documented, yet accessible to the general public … a forthright and hard-hitting critique of the power elite’s control of government, foreign policy, and the media.

Milton Schwebel,
Emeritus Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology, Rutgers University

Marc Pilisuk

Jennifer Achord Rountree

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ISBN: 9789386602923