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The Health Psychology Reader

The Health Psychology Reader

First Edition
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Health Psychology

388 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The Health Psychology Reader is designed to complement and support the recent textbook Health Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice by David F. Marks, Michael Murray, Brian Evans and Carla Willig (SAGE, 2000). It can also be used as a stand-alone resource given its didactic nature. The Reader explores key topics within the health psychology field with incisive introductions to each section by the Editor and includes a selection of the most important theoretical and empirical published work. 

Joseph D Matarazzo
Behavioral Health's Challenge to Academic, Scientific and Professional Psychology
Mark McDermott
Redefining Health Psychology
Matarazzo Revisited

George L Engel
The Need for a New Medical Model
A Challenge for Biomedicine

David Armstrong
Theoretical Tensions in Biopsychosocial Medicine
Jane Ogden
The Rhetoric and Reality of Psychosocial Theories of Health
A Challenge to Biomedicine

Albert Bandura
Social Foundations of Thought and Action
A Social Cognitive Theory

Richard S Lazarus
Emotion Narratives
A Radical New Research Approach

Martin Fishbein
The Role of Theory in HIV Prevention
Aaron Antonovsky
Unravelling the Mystery of Health
How People Manage Stress and Stay Well

Douglas Carroll, George Davey Smith and Paul Bennett
Some Observations on Health and Socio-Economic Status
Rudolf H Moos
Context and Coping
Toward a Unifying Conceptual Framework

Garry Egger and Boyd Swinburn
An Ecological Approach to the Obesity Pandemic
Susan Drew
Moving towards Active Living
Understanding the Contextual Nature of Barriers to Physical Activity

Frank W van der Velde, Christa Hoojkaas and Joop van der Pligt
Conditional Versus Unconditional Risk Behaviour Estimates in Models of AIDS-related Risk Behaviour
Paul Flowers et al
Health and Romance
Understanding Unprotected Sex in Relationships Between Gay Men

Hope Landrine and Elizabeth A Klonoff
Cultural Diversity in Causal Attributions for Illness
The Role of the Supernatural

John Weinman and Keith J Petrie
Illness Perceptions
A New Paradigm for Psychosomatics?

Gary L Kreps
Consumer/Provider Communication Research
A Personal Plea to Address Issues of Ecological Validity, Relational Development, Message Diversity and Situational Constraints

Jeff French and Lee Adams
From Analysis to Synthesis
Theories of Health Education

Gordon Macdonald
A New Evidence Framework for Health Promotion
Wendy Stainton-Rogers
Critical Approaches to Health Psychology
Henderikus J Stam
Theorizing Health and Illness
Functionalism, Subjectivity and Reflexivity

Carla Willig
A Discourse-Dynamic Approach to the Study of Subjectivity in Health Psychology
Alan Radley
Health Psychology, Embodiment and the Question of Vulnerability
M Brinton Lykes
Possible Contributions of a Psychology of Liberation
Whither Health and Human Rights?


`This book was an absolute joy to read and offers a comprehensive review of health psychology.... This book should become a classic - necessary reading for students in all branches of health. Nursing students will find it invaluable, but other students - and their teachers - will also find it very useful. SAGE have added a valuable and important text to their already impressive list, and Marks can be complimented on his scholarly organisation of complex topics into an accessible and readable whole. No library should be without it and serious students should invest in a copy of their own' - Health Matters

The Health Psychology Reader provides a concise guide to Health Psychology. It is set out in 5 key sections and explores key theories and research in the area. This is a great, stimulating text to health psychology students at all levels.

Miss Gemma Wilson
School of Social Sciences and Law, University of Teesside
April 22, 2012

This book is clear, informative and easy to read. A good text for students on an M.Sc. Health Psychology module.

Ms Lynda Hyland
School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University Dubai
March 6, 2012

A great compilation of key readings for psychology students and researchers.

Dr Benjamin Gardner
Health Behaviour Research Centre, University College London
June 17, 2011

David F. Marks

David F. Marks is a psychologist specializing in Health Psychology, Mental Imagery and Consciousness research. More About Author

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