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The Handbook of Social Work Research Methods

The Handbook of Social Work Research Methods

544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`Not so much a handbook, but an excellent source of reference' - British Journal of Social Work

This volume is the definitive resource for anyone doing research in social work. It details both quantitative and qualitative methods and data collection, as well as suggesting the methods appropriate to particular types of studies. It also covers issues such as ethics, gender and ethnicity, and offers advice on how to write up and present your research.

Bruce A Thyer
Introduction to Social Work Research
Phyllis Solomon and Jeffrey Draine
Overview of Quantitative Research Methods
William R Nugent
Probability and Sampling
Catheleen Jordan and Richard A Hoefer
Reliability and Validity in Quantitative Measurement
Kevin Corcoran
Locating Instruments
J T Stocks
Statistics for Social Workers
Barbara Thomlison
Descriptive Studies
Carol T Mowbray and Mieko Yoshihama
Leslie M Tutty and Michael A Rothery
Needs Assessment
Ram A Cnaan and Guy Enosh
Randomized Controlled Trials
Brian T Yates, Peter J Delany and Dorothy Lockwood Dillard
Using Cost, Procedure, Process and Outcome Analysis
Bruce A Thyer
Single Systems Designs
Michael J Holosko
An Overview of Qualitative Methods
Cynthia Franklin and Michelle Ballan
Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research
Jerrold R Brandell and Theodore Varkas
Narrative Case Studies
Harriet Goodmand
In-Depth Interviews
Christine T Lowery
Ethnographic Research Methods
R Kevin Gringsby
Participant Observation
Jane F Gilgun
Grounded Theory and Other Inductive Research Methods
Francis J Turner
Theory Development
John R Graham and Alean Al-Krenawi
Historical Research
Karen Sowers, Rodney A Ellis and Nancy Meyer-Adams
Literature Reviews
William M Epstein
Critical Analysis
Frederic G Reamer
Ethical Issues
Antoinette Y Rodgers-Farmer and Miriam Potocky-Tripodi
Gender, Ethnicity and Race Matters
Elaine T Jurkowski and Martin B Tracy
Comparative International Research
Charles D Cowger and Goutham Menon
Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
Scott Geron and Gail S Steketee
Applying for Research Grants
Dianne F Harrison and C Aaron McNeece
Disseminating Research Findings

Bruce A. Thyer, Ph.D.

Bruce Thyer is currently a Professor and former Dean with the College of Social Work at Florida State University.  Dr. Thyer spent the years 1987 - 2002 with the University of Georgia, where he earned the rank of Distinguished Research Professor.  He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  In 2012 he was elected to the Social Work Academy of the National Academies of Practice. Dr. Thyer is the founder and current editor of one of social work's premier journals, RESEARCH ON SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE, and is the author of over 250 articles, 80 chapters and he had authored or edited over 25... More About Author

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