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The Handbook of Competency Mapping

The Handbook of Competency Mapping
Understanding, Designing and Implementing Competency Models in Organizations

First Edition
  • Seema Sanghi - Managing Director, Styrax Consultants Pvt. Ltd

142 pages | SAGE Response
Competencies lie at the heart of every of every successful activity. Organizations across the world are trying to understand and integrate competencies in their organizational processes.

This book is designed as handbook to help managers and executives understand, develop, manage competencies and also map them within their organizations. Assuming no prior knowledge, the book introduces the reader to the concept of competencies and how they work. It then helps the reader understand the why and how of competency models.

In an accessible structure and framework, this book tackles some key issues with regard to this contemporary subject.

Written in a jargon-free and accessible style, this book will be useful to managers in strategizing , developing, mapping and implementing competency frameworks in their organizations

Introduction to Competency
Developing Competency Models
Issues related to developing Competency Models
Competence-Based Application
Formation of Competency Framework
Competency Mapping and Assessment Centre
Resistance and Recommendations

Seema Sanghi

Seema Sanghi is Managing Director at Styrax Consultants, a firm set up by her in the human resource solution space, which is focused on developing processes and people. It offers consul-tancy in competency mapping, assessment centre, psychometric testing and development, assessment tool development, training and development, mentoring and coaching and HR processes and interventions. She was formerly Director at FORE School of Management She received the Mother Teresa Award in 2003 and the Excellence in Education Award in 2004. She has been a recipient of three gold medals and national scholarships for academic excel¬lence. Books authored... More About Author

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