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The Global Environment

The Global Environment
Institutions, Law, and Policy

Fourth Edition
Edited by:

440 pages | CQ Press

The new edition of this award-winning volume reflects the latest events in the in global environmental politics and sustainable development while providing balanced coverage of the key institutions, environmental issues, treaties, and policies. The volume has been reorganized to better highlight global environmental institutions, major state and non-state actors, and includes an expanded set of cases such as climate change, biodiversity, hazardous chemicals, ozone layer depletion, nuclear energy and resource consumption. Based on reviewer feedback from faculty and students, the new edition broadens coverage of the growing global environmental agenda and explores the relationships between states, NGOs, and international organizations.

Regina S. Axelrod and Stacy D. VanDeveer
1. Introduction: Governing the Global Environment
Part I. International Environmental Actors and Institutions
Kate O'Neill
2. Architects, Agitators, and Entrepreneurs: International and Nongovernmental Organizations in Global Environmental Politics
Jacqueline Peel
3. International Law and the Protection of the Global Environment
David Leonard Downie
4. International Environmental Regimes and the Success of Global Ozone Policy
Michael G. Faure and Jurgen Lefevere
5. Compliance with Global Environmental Policy: Climate Change and Ozone Layer Cases
Part II. Big Players in Global Environmental Policymaking
Elizabeth R. DeSombre
6. Domestic Sources of U.S. Unilateralism
Regina S. Axelrod and Miranda A. Schreurs
7. Environmental Policy Making and Global Leadership in the European Union
Joanna I. Lewis and Kelly Sims Gallagher
8. Energy and Environment in China: National and Global Challenges
Adil Najam
9. The View from the South: Developing Countries in Global Environmental Politics
Part III. Cases, Controversies, and Challenges
Michele M. Betsill
10. International Climate Change Policy: Complex Multilevel Governance
Henrik Selin
11. Global Politics and Policy on Hazardous Chemicals
G. Kristin Rosendal
12. Global Biodiversity Governance: Genetic Resources, Species, and Ecosystems
Regina S. Axelrod
13. Democracy and the Global Nuclear Renaissance: From the Czech Republic to Fukushima
Daniel C. Esty
14. Free Trade and Environmental Protection
Stacy D. VanDeveer
15. Consumption, Commodity Chains, and Global and Local Environments

This is a good source of information for students studying environmental protection. It is essential to have a good understanding of international law and policy in this area.

Mr Phil Gilbert
Department of Health and Applied Soci, University of The West of England
September 22, 2016

Nice structure covering the actors and players and covering some great examples and cases for discussion! Will be using it in my Environmental Protection module.

Professor Iseult Lynch
Schl of Geog, Earth & Env'l Sciences, Birmingham University
July 20, 2016

Great introductory work! Great lecturer service!

Mr Wolfgang Gruber
Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna
March 16, 2015

This book is an essential resource for a new module at undergraduate level, 'Environments of Social Policy'. The syllabus includes Global Public Health, Global Policy and the Environment, and Sustainability. This is an excellent easily accessible text which has been updated to cover present day issues.

Mrs Ruth Hopkins
Health and Human Sciences, Swansea University
October 20, 2014

An excellent overview for both undergraduate and postgraduate students on policy making in the field of environment and sustainability. A useful update for a rapidly changing field and written in a highly accessible format. This book has been added to the reading list for undergraduate Marine Resources course and as a postgrad resource for individual students.

Dr Tavis Potts
Ecology , Scottish Association for Marine Science (University of Highlands and Islands)
July 17, 2014

Fantastic for consideration of environmental issues as a starter piece of literature ,however it did not go into great detail and therefore would require further reading to expand on any points raised.

Miss Charlotte Goddard
Business and Science, Hull College
May 30, 2014

A solid introduction into the topic provided by experts in the respective fields. It's perfect to provide some empirical foundation and to point to some relevant debates.

Dr Harry Bauer
Dept of Political Science, University College London
May 22, 2014

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Regina S. Axelrod

Regina S. Axelrod is professor of political science and chair of the political science department at Adelphi University. She has published numerous articles and books on environmental and energy policy in the United Sates, the European Union, and Central Europe, including Environment, Energy, Public Policy: Toward a Rational Future and Conflict between Energy and Urban Environment. She has lectured at Charles University, Prague, and the University of Budapest on nuclear power and the transition to democracy. She is an academic associate of the Atlantic Council and past president of the New York Political Science Association. In 2007, she... More About Author

Stacy Dale VanDeveer

Stacy D. VanDeveer is professor of political science and chair of the department at the University of New Hampshire. His research interests include global and regional environmental policymaking and its domestic impacts, comparative environmental politics, the connections between environmental and security issues, the roles of expertise in policymaking and the geopolitics of resource consumption. In addition to authoring and coauthoring over 75 articles, book chapters, working papers, and reports, he is the coeditor of Saving the Seas (1997), EU Enlargement and the Environment (2005), Changing Climates in North American Politics (2009),... More About Author